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Chapter 1804: Chapter 1804 — What do you mean


Besides, she had nothing to do with him anymore, and she didn’t owe him anything. It was just that he had treated her to an empty restaurant last year, and she had spent a huge sum of money to treat him back?

Dongfang Yunheng said that he was hungry and wanted to eat, but there were almost no restaurants on the road leading from the cemetery to the city. It was not until they reached a service station that they saw two decent restaurants.

“Hey, let’s eat here. ” Dongfang Yunheng drove the car into the parking space of a restaurant and stopped. He turned to look at Fang Xiao and said, “it’s already past one o’clock in the afternoon. I’m really hungry. I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet. I’ll just let them rip me off here. “

Fang Xiao could not help but snort coldly in her heart. No matter how much they rip you off, at the very most, the price of the dishes would only be a few yuan or ten yuan more expensive than those in the city. No matter how much they rip you off, they would not let you eat a few thousand yuan in one meal, right?

Restaurants that opened next to the service station usually had drivers or passengers passing by to eat. The prices of the dishes were indeed a little more expensive, but it was not to the extent of being ridiculous.

Dongfang Yunheng ordered three dishes and one soup. Because there were fewer people, the dishes were served very quickly. Fortunately, the rice was not bad. It was a long-grain aromatic dish that was unique to the south, so the dishes were also done sloppily Fang Xiao felt that the dishes were better than the big pot of food in her kitchen.

Fang Xiao ate quite a lot. In fact, she woke up late in the morning and did not eat breakfast. Usually, the people on the night shift would not wake up to eat in the morning. They would sleep until noon before waking up.

As for Dongfang Yunheng, who was complaining about being hungry, he did not eat much. After all, he was a rich CEO. He usually ate very delicately. It was fine if the dishes in these small restaurants were not good, but the main thing was that the hygiene was not standard The plates looked a little dirty.

Fang Xiao ate more and ate slower, so she was still eating when Dongfang Yunheng was full. He probably felt that the food was not good, so he went out to smoke to satisfy his hunger.

After Fang Xiao finished eating, she asked the boss to settle the bill. Although it was a rip-off, it was actually not expensive. The two of them only ate less than 100 yuan, so she took out her wallet from her bag and prepared to pay.

At this time, Dongfang Yunheng walked in and immediately handed the boss a 100 yuan bill. Then, he said to Fang Xiao, “I promised to treat, how can I let you pay again? “


Fang Xiao did not argue with him. She just walked out of the restaurant naturally. This was a roadside service station. In fact, there were a lot of cars passing by, and outside the service station was a bus stop.

Therefore, she walked toward the bus stop naturally. She thought that she should take the bus back to the western district beach. There was no direct bus here. At most, she could just transfer to another bus or two.

However, before she had walked two meters, she had just reached Dongfang Yunheng’s car when he caught up from behind. Without any explanation, he pulled open the door and stuffed her into the car.

“Hey, what do you mean? ”FanggXiaoo finally lost her temper.Theree was a limit to a person’s patience, and she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I came looking for you, but I didn’t want to tell you. I came looking for you for something, ” Dongfang Yunheng started the car and answered her question calmly.

“What is it? Can’t you say it here? ” Although Fang Xiao’s voice wasn’t loud, her anger was clearly expressed in her words. She was very dissatisfied with Dongfang Yunheng pestering her now.

Dongfang Yunheng drove on the road without saying a word. Ahead was the intersection of the expressway. He quickly turned on the road and focused on driving. It was as if he didn’t hear Fang Xiao’s words.