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Chapter 1800: Chapter 1800: She wanted to change jobs


Fang Xiao smiled. She was not interested in gossip, especially about Dongfang Yunheng. Just as she was about to ask Xiao Zhao to leave, she did not expect that this Guy Would Start Gossiping again.

“Hey, did you hear? Our Hui Cheng’s richest man, young master Qiu, is getting engaged. ” Xiao Zhao liked to read gossip the most Therefore, after saying that he was the richest man in Bincheng, he said that he was the richest man in Hui Cheng. “It is said that young Master Qiu divorced his vicious wife last year. Oh, you don’t know how vicious his ex-wife is. She actually blinded his woman outside… “

While Xiao Zhao was gossiping about Qiu Shaotang, Fang Xiao opened her email in front of her computer, wanting to see if any company had sent her an email informing her of the interview.

If it weren’t for Dongfang Yunheng’s sudden appearance yesterday morning, she wouldn’t have thought of leaving her job at the beach. Although Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were very busy, she was indeed very free from Monday to Thursday. She wasn’t that tired.

However, Dongfang Yunheng’s arrival yesterday morning made her uneasy. That man might be crazy one day and come back again Therefore, yesterday morning, when there were no tourists after work, she posted her resume on the recruitment website in front of her computer. In fact, she had sent her resume to all the planners.

She actually didn’t remember how many resumes she had sent yesterday, because she had spent the whole morning. However, if she had known that Dongfang Yunheng would be engaged to Gu Chenchen last night before she sent her resume yesterday, she might not have sent her resume.

Today, when she opened her email, there were actually two emails. One was from a newly opened advertising company, and the other was from a wedding company. They both informed her to go for an interview.

The treatment of the two companies was similar. The base salary was not high, only 2,000 yuan, but the commission was considerable. The most important thing was that both companies were in Huicheng city, which was close to her brother’s special school. It was only a few bus stops away It was convenient for her to go to the school to visit her brother at any time.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with working at the beach in the western district. It was just that she only had a day off every month, so she had very little time to visit her brother. Even so, if Dongfang Yunheng had not interrupted her life.. She had no intention of leaving this place.

Now that she had received the interview notice, it just so happened that tomorrow was her day off, so she decided to go for an interview. Of course, she didn’t have much hope. Moreover, Dongfang Yunheng was already engaged to Gu Chenchen. She thought that he wouldn’t come looking for her again, right?

The next day, at 10 p.m. , Fang Xiao appeared punctually at the recruitment hall of Baihe Company. The person who interviewed her was the general manager of the company, in fact, the boss.

Fang Xiao wore glasses. Because they were short-sighted, they made her look extremely refined. She looked completely like a university student, except that her lenses looked a little comical.

Fortunately, the boss did not show much curiosity about her lenses. He only asked her politely about her major and some of the planning she had done in college Then, he told her with a smile, “Miss Fang, you’ve been accepted by my company, but you’re new here, so you have a probation period. During the probation period, the base salary is 1,000 yuan, and the commission is the same as the old employees. In a company like ours, the base salary is just a formality, and the income depends on the commission. “. “…”

After leaving this wedding company, Fang Xiao went to another newly opened advertising company. Because this advertising company was newly opened and did not have any employees, it did not have high requirements for applicants Therefore, Fang Xiao successfully applied for the job very smoothly.