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Chapter 1794: Chapter 1794 he came to find her


Therefore, after he finished eating, he took the bill and paid for it himself. Gu Chenchen even said that he didn’t need to walk, he could just ask his underling to pay.

But he still insisted on paying the bill himself. The reason was that the number on the bill and the materials he had just given were not clear. Gu Chenchen couldn’t help but laugh at him for being stingy. When did he become so calculative?

But now he thought that this time he was right to be calculative, because when he was waiting in line, he was very sure that he didn’t have any hallucinations. The woman standing in front of him was indeed Fang Xiao, the woman he had loved and hated The woman who had also taken revenge in the end, Fang Xiao.

“Sir, would you like to pay by Card or cash? ” Fang Xiao could not help but remind him when she saw that Dongfang Yunheng was stunned and did not move.

Only then did Yun Heng come back to his senses. He took out his wallet and quickly took out seven big red bills from it. Then, he said lightly, “keep the change. “

“thank you, sir, for your donation for the special children. ” As Fang Xiao spoke, she took out 15 yuan in small bills and put them into a donation box at the side. Then, she reached out and took a customer’s receipt With one hand holding the receipt and the other hand holding the counter, she worked seriously.

Fang Xiao didn’t know when Dongfang Yunheng left, because after she finished calculating this person’s account, she looked up and saw that Dongfang Yunheng was no longer there.

She was very busy that night. She didn’t get off work until four o’clock in the morning. She was very sleepy. After she returned to the dormitory, she took a shower and went to bed. She didn’t even have a dream before she slept until daybreak.

Since that day, Fang Xiao thought that Dongfang Yunheng would probably never come to the western district beach for a barbecue again. Moreover, this was the western district of Huicheng, which was at the border of the Eastern District Beach of Binhai. In fact, Dongfang Yunheng drove a long way here It would take more than an hour to walk on the highway.

However, to her surprise, three days later, Dongfang Yunheng came again. This time, he did not come for a barbecue, nor did he come with Gu Chenchen. Instead, he came alone.

Dongfang Yunheng came very late that day. In fact, it should be said that he came very early. It was about four o’clock in the morning. She had just finished work and showered. Just as she was about to dry her hair and go to sleep, the doorwoman downstairs shouted, “Fang Xiao, someone is looking for you! “

Someone is looking for you She was stunned for a moment. Then, she instinctively thought that the boss was looking for her because such incidents had happened before. Occasionally, the boss would come to the dormitory to ask her if he had any unclear accounts.

Therefore, she walked out of the dormitory in her pajamas. Because the light was too dim downstairs, and there were two big trees at the door, it was impossible to see who was standing there.

It was mid-april. Although it was early summer and the temperature was gradually warming up, it was still early in the morning. The night was still a little cold. Fang Xiao wore her pajamas and dragged a pair of sandals before walking downstairs.

Because she had washed her hair and had yet to blow dry it, she felt a little cold when she walked down. When she reached the door, she was stunned when she saw the person standing under the tree, because this person was not her female boss It was Dongfang Yunheng.

She used her hands to tidy up her wet hair before it fell to her forehead. When she pulled her hair with her hands, she realized that she was not wearing her glasses, so she instinctively shouted, “I’m going upstairs to change before coming down. “