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Chapter 1793: Chapter 1793: Meeting an acquaintance


When the man heard her voice, he was obviously stunned for a moment. Then, he slowly turned around. When he saw that it was her, he was instinctively stunned. His face showed slight astonishment and astonishment.

Fang Xiao was also completely stunned. Never in her dreams would she have thought that this person was actually Dongfang Yunheng. At this moment, he was holding an slr in his hand. Not Far Away, Gu Chenchen was standing on the beach and at the junction of the sea water, fiddling with various Posture.

“Yun Heng, take a picture for me. ” Not Far Away, Gu Chenchen’s voice pulled the two stunned people back at the same time. Dongfang Yunheng immediately turned his head back to press the shutter, while Fang Xiao lowered her head to press the lighter to light the charcoal fire.

The charcoal fire was not very good, not to mention that it was at the seaside, so lighting the charcoal fire was a skill. The person who had the best lighting skills at their barbecue stall was Xiao Zhao, but he had to take a leave of absence to buy some cold medicine.

Although Fang Xiao could light a fire, her skills were not very good. She used her body to block the wind, and after a long time, she finally lit the charcoal fire Then, just as Gu Chenchen was about to walk back to the Barbecue stall, she immediately turned around and walked back to her own bunk, which was managed for the boss.

Throughout the night, she did not go to Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen’s barbecue stall again. Although the barbecue stall had ordered food several times, Fang Xiao had been sent there by other colleagues.

It was past nine o’clock in the evening when the barbeque peak was reached. Fang Xiao was too busy collecting money and opening the small wooden house alone. At this time, Dongfang Yunheng came to pay the bill.

He was tall, handsome, and handsome, just like the male celebrities on TV. Moreover, he was well-dressed and stood out among the crowd. Even if Fang Xiao wanted to ignore him, it was almost impossible.

He was unusually patient. He queued with the crowd until the people in front had paid the bill and left with their own things. Only then did he slowly walk up and pass the bill in his hand to Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao was still the same as when she received money from others. She took the computer and quickly calculated the amount on his bill. Then, she used a pen to write down the total amount and used the computer to type out a list for him Then, she politely and formally said, “a total of 685 yuan. Sir, do you want to pay by Card or cash? “

Dongfang Yunheng looked at her without blinking. When he saw her on the beach just now, he could hardly believe his eyes. He kept thinking that he must have seen wrongly. How could this woman be Fang Xiao?

Didn’t she return to Hui city to marry her FIANC?, Qiu Yitang Didn’t she become the young Madam of the Qiu Family Wasn’t her wedding held in the West Mountain Villa that her father had given her Why would she appear here And she was still in such a state. She was obviously wearing work clothes?

One night, when he was having a barbecue on the beach, he was restless. He kept wondering if she could come to his barbecue stall again. He wanted to see her again. He wanted to confirm if he was hallucinating?

However, this woman never came again. Once, he deliberately did not hold the teacup properly and poured the entire cup of tea into the stove. He put out the charcoal fire and asked someone to light it.

He thought she would come again because she was the one who started the fire. However, the person who started the fire here was a man. He asked indirectly if the girl who started the fire was the one who started the fire. Only then did the man tell him That girl was not in charge of lighting the fire. She was in charge of managing the entire shop. She was the deputy store manager. She usually worked in the shop to collect the money and do the accounts.