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Chapter 1792: Chapter 1792 new work and new life 1


Fang Xiao only found out when she arrived at the western district seaside that the work was much more demanding than what director Li had said. Although she only went to work at ten in the morning, she had to work until one in the morning, two in the morning, and sometimes even three or four in the morning at night.

Especially on Friday nights and Saturday nights. Sometimes, even when it was past four or five in the morning, there would still be people barbecuing, but she had no choice but to set up stoves for them, add charcoal, deliver food, and so on.

Although the work at the Western District Barbecue stall was very tiring, the boss was indeed very generous. When Fang Xiao went for the first month, the boss was afraid that she would not be able to endure hardship. He even said that he would only give her 4,000 a month, but after she worked for a month.. The boss directly increased her salary to 5,000 yuan.

This was not only because Fang Xiao could endure hardship, but also because Fang Xiao was an educated person. She could write and calculate, and she could also help the boss do the accounts. She could even do taxes and other things.

Therefore, the boss was happy. He had originally hired a part-time accountant every month for seven or eight hundred yuan, but now he had even fired the part-time accountant and left everything to Fang Xiao to do.

“Fang Xiao, as long as you work well here and can help me do the accounts well, and manage these rented beach cars and small wooden houses well, as long as I earn more money, I will give you a raise in three months, ” the boss said to her.

The boss of this barbecue stall in the western district was a woman, about forty-five or forty-six years old. It was said that her husband was the village party secretary of the western district village, so this was the only barbecue stall in the western district beach, and she was the only one who rented a motorboat Beach Umbrellas, tables, chairs, swimming rings, and other sea-going supplies.

The boss used to be very busy. After Fang Xiao came, she sorted out a lot of things for her. She even proposed a reasonable division of labor and time management system for her. She arranged and matched the time of the few workers reasonably, so that the workers would not be so tired However, her efficiency doubled. Therefore, the boss and the workers liked her very much.

As for the issue of her wearing a pair of sunglasses, everyone started to find it strange. Later, they found out that her eyes had trachoma and she could not blow the sea breeze. Gradually, everyone became less curious about her wearing glasses.

Of course, when Fang Xiao first went to the Western District Beach, she wore the sunglasses that the lawyer had bought for her. Later, after she received a month’s salary, she went to change the frames of her glasses to the frames of ordinary glasses. However, the lenses were still the lenses of sunglasses.

Thus, when she wore a pair of glasses like this, it no longer looked like sunglasses, but more like a pair of nearsighted glasses. It was just that the lenses were not transparent and could not see her glasses.

Fang Xiao thought that she would never meet Dongfang Yunheng again in her life. However, when April came and the climate gradually warmed up, more and more people came to the beach to barbecue. She did not expect that Dongfang Yunheng would actually come to this beach to barbecue.

This Day came without any warning. At that time, because Xiao Zhao, who was in charge of sending charcoal and lighting the fire, had taken a leave of absence, and the other colleagues were busy, so she naturally took two bags of charcoal and the complimentary barbed wire and walked toward the middle of the beach.

This was a new client. Xiao Liu, who had written the bill, said that she was rich. The other party had ordered a rack-style barbecue grill and a deluxe set meal, while Xiao Liu had to move the rack and food preparation table, so there was no way Xiao Zhao could help with sending charcoal and lighting the fire Moreover, not everyone knew how to light a fire.

Fang Xiao followed Xiao Liu to the middle of the beach. After Xiao Liu had placed the rack-style Barbecue stall, she went up and poured the charcoal into the barbecue grill Then, she looked at the man who was taking pictures of the sea and asked, “Sir, are you going to help me light the charcoal now or later? “