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Chapter 1791: Chapter 1791: New Salary and new life


Fang Xiao thought that her cornea had been removed and that her eye would be closed forever. However, after the surgery, she realized that it was not the case. Her eye was just unable to see light However, her eye was still there, but it had lost its luster and could not move.

Two months later, Fang Xiao was already working at a beach barbecue site on the western coast of Huicheng.

She and her younger brother, Fang Chen, were already 29 years old when they were released from the detention center. At that time, it had already been half a month since she had given her cornea to Du Caiwei.

Before she had her corneas removed, she had asked Qiu Yitang’s lawyer to buy a pair of sunglasses for her. That lawyer was more or less humane, and he had bought them for her without saying a word. Moreover, it was a brand of sunglasses, and it was estimated to cost several hundred yuan.

At that time, she also did not have the money to give to that lawyer because after entering the detention center, all the cash in her bag had been used to buy food for Fang Chen. After all, he was still a child, and he could not eat the food in the detention center. She could not bear to see her younger brother go hungry Therefore, she used the money to buy food from the snack bar inside.

Therefore, she only thanked the lawyer for his generosity. Fortunately, the lawyer was not a stingy person. He only said that the pair of glasses matched her well and looked good on her face, but he never mentioned anything about money.

After she and her brother Fang Chen came out of the detention center, they went directly to the special school. As for her things in the Qiu family, Qiu Yitang had already sent someone to send them to the detention center for her. She did not need to go back to the Qiu family or the West Mountain Villa.

The special school was already on holiday. Fortunately, Luo Qili was the teacher in there. She knew that the siblings were in trouble, so she provided her dormitory for the siblings to live in.

Fang Xiao stayed at the special school until the tenth day of the New Year, which was the start of the school year. Fang Chen should be going to school. Fortunately, she had paid the rest of her father’s money to the school before the New Year, so she did not have to worry about Fang Chen’s tuition fees.

However, Fang Chen’s tuition fees were not available for the next semester, and she had to find a job. Liu Yijun asked her if she wanted to work in Bincheng, but she immediately refused because she only had one eye. She did not want to meet that familiar person in that city.

Regarding the question of why she had to wear a pair of glasses, she explained it to Luo Qili and Liu Yijun. When Fang Chen Sprinkled du Caiwei, the white ash also flew into her eyes, so her eyes were very painful when the wind blew Therefore, she had to wear a pair of glasses to protect herself from the wind.

Luo Qili and Liu Yijun did not suspect that she had a pair of glasses. Also, because the siblings did not have money for the New Year, Luo Qili and Liu Yijun each borrowed 500 yuan from Fang Xiao. In fact, the two of them had no intention of letting Fang Xiao return the money.

The Job Fang Xiao found at the barbecue stall in Huicheng was found by Director Li of the Special School on account of Luo Qili. He said that it was usually not busy here, but it was very busy from Friday night to Sunday This was because people nowadays liked to come to the barbecue stall for barbecuing. Moreover, the owner of the Barbecue stall also rented beach speedboats and beach cabins.

At that time, Fang Xiao decided to work here. One reason was that this place was far away from Huicheng city, and the other was the seaside here. She wore a pair of eyes to shelter her from the wind, so no one doubted her. Another reason was that director Li said this boss was generous The salary was high, about four to five thousand a month.

With this kind of salary, if Fang Xiao went to Binhai with her own strength, it was not impossible to find it. But the key was that she would enter a big company, and a big company still needed a physical examination, and her eyes definitely could not withstand a physical examination.

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