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Chapter 1790: Chapter 1790 exchanging eyes for freedom


Therefore, Fang Xiao thought that her and Fang Chen’s lives might have been miserable, so much so that after their families were destroyed, they finally saw a glimmer of hope, but it was completely destroyed in an instant. What awaited them would be a few years.. Or even more than ten years in prison.

Just when Fang Xiao thought that she and Fang Chen would no longer see any hope, Qiu Yitang’s lawyer came to see her half a month later.

The lawyer brought her two documents. One was the document to sue her and Fang Chen. This document was of little value because the facts were laid out there. She and Fang Chen had indeed hit Du Caiwei And one of Du Caiwei’s eyes was indeed blinded by Fang Chen’s lime.

And the other was, of course, the divorce agreement between her and Qiu Yitang. In other words, from now on, she and Fang Yitang were no longer husband and wife, and she was no longer the young Madam of the Fang family.

However, in this divorce agreement, there was an additional agreement. That was to say, if she and Fang Chen wanted to obtain freedom, of course, they did not have no chance at all. As long as she let du Caiwei’s eyes see again.. Then, Du Caiwei could dismiss the case as a party who did not pursue the matter.

Du Caiwei’s eyes were already blind. How could she make her eyes see again? Hence, the lawyer reminded her lightly that Du Caiwei’s eyes were blind because her corneas had been burned by lime. In other words.. Du Caiwei only needed to change her corneas and she would be able to see again.

Change her corneas Fang Xiao reacted under the lawyer’s blinking eyes. She almost instinctively touched her eyes and then asked, “you mean to use my corneas in exchange for the freedom of my life and my brother’s? “

“just one is enough. ” Qiu Yitang’s lawyer looked at her He reminded her lightly, “the cornea of one eye can make three or four eyes see again, and you are only blind in one eye. Actually, it doesn’t affect your ability to see the world. At the same time, you and your brother can walk out of this detention center safely and gain the freedom of life from now on. “

The lawyer saw that Fang Xiao was stunned, and then he sighed softly, “of course, that depends on your choice. You can think about it for a few days. I’ll come back in a few days. “

“I don’t need to consider it. ” Fang Xiao covered her eyes with one hand and felt the effect of seeing the world with one eye. Then, she immediately said, “then that’s it. I’ll give her the cornea of one eye… “

The lawyer was a little surprised that she had made a decision so quickly, but he did not say anything. He just took out the two documents for Fang Xiao to sign. One was a divorce agreement, and the other was that she used one of her corneas to exchange for peace between herself and her brother

Of course, on the transaction agreement that she used her corneas to propose, Du Caiwei had already signed it. She promised that she would not pursue this matter after her eyes were restored. She would pretend that this matter had never happened.

Therefore, three days later, Fang Xiao was released on bail by the lawyer. She followed him to a hospital and went straight to the operating theater. After undergoing a series of examinations, she lay on a moving bed and was pushed into the operating theater.

When her corneas were removed, she was completely anesthetized. However, she still felt pain, a piercing pain. She knew that losing an eye would not affect her ability to see the world, but she was still reluctant to part with it.

Some people said that the eye was the window to the soul, and a person only had two windows in their entire life. However, she had forcefully blocked one of her windows. From then on, the window became a wall and nothing could be seen.