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Chapter 1785: Chapter 1785, unread text message


Therefore, he decided to give Fang Xiao some more time, and he also took this time to quickly make arrangements for Du Caiwei. After that, he could wholeheartedly get along with Fang Xiao, hoping that she could cast away her prejudice against him and accept him as soon as possible.

“I’m going out for a while. ” He put on his coat, looked at Fang Xiao and sighed softly. He came over and used his hand to wipe the saliva at the corner of her mouth He said softly, “Fang Xiao, this time, I really want to be husband and wife with you. I hope that… we can live like a normal couple. You… I’ll give you some more time. ”

After he said that, he immediately turned around and walked out of the door. Fang Xiao let out a long sigh of relief. It was not until Qiu Yitang’s footsteps disappeared in the corridor that she quickly closed the door and quickly locked it.

Fang Xiao also knew that after marrying Qiu Yitang, they would inevitably become a real couple. That kind of thing could not be escaped. Even if Qiu Yitang did not want to touch her, old Madam Qiu was forcing him from behind. In order to give his grandmother an explanation, Qiu Yitang.. He would probably still reluctantly touch her.

But even so, she also hoped that she could drag it out one day at a time. Of course, if one day really could not drag it out, then she could only admit it and treat it as being eaten by a dog.

Qiu Yitang left that night and did not come back. Fang Xiao slept peacefully. The next morning, she immediately drove back to her West Mountain Villa and let out a long sigh.

Christmas Eve was actually a holiday for foreigners. Chinese people generally did not celebrate it. However, schools nowadays, especially kindergartens or special schools, always liked to celebrate such a holiday for children.

Fang Xiao had originally planned to spend Christmas Eve with her brother, Fang Chen. However, she had not expected that she would receive a call from Qiu Yitang at noon, saying that she would spend Christmas Eve with the two of them at night.

The Sun had indeed risen from the west, but Fang Xiao was still somewhat touched. Although Qiu Yitang had not returned home for two days, she was already very grateful that he remembered her and her brother, Fang Chen.

She picked up her brother, Fang Chen, at noon. When Fang Chen saw her, he was exceptionally happy. After getting into the car, he asked, “where’s brother-in-law? brother-in-law, do you want to spend Christmas Eve with me? ”

“Of course. ” Fang Xiao immediately told her brother, “Yi Tang wants us to go to the beach at Yangmei pit in the evening and wait for him. At night, we’ll have a barbecue on the beach. ”

“Yeah, I want to have a barbecue, ” Fang Chen shouted like a child. If he wasn’t too tall, Fang Xiao guessed that he would definitely jump up in the car.

Fang Xiao took Fang Chen to mcdonald’s for lunch. In the afternoon, she took her brother to the children’s park to play for two hours. At three in the afternoon, she was ready to drive Fang Chen to Yangmei pit beach.

However, when she packed her things and was about to call Qiu Yitang, she realized that there was an unread text message from Qiu Yitang, so she instinctively opened it.

It turned out that the text message was sent at around one o’clock in the afternoon. At that time, she took her brother to ride the ferris wheel and put her bag in the locker, so she only saw it now.

The text message said that the weather was not good tonight, so the plan to go to Yang Mei hang beach to barbecue was canceled. It asked her to take Fang Chen to the Korean Barbecue restaurant in the evening and have a barbecue there.

Fang Xiao shook her head after reading the message and looked at the sky. In fact, the weather was not bad today, but since Qiu Yitang was not willing to go, she could only follow his instructions and go to the Korean Barbecue restaurant in the West.