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Chapter 1780: Chapter 1780 wanted to have two women at the same time


Because it was the winter solstice festival, people who valued traditional festivals would usually rush home today. Qiu Yitang had just come out of Du Caiwei’s apartment and happened to be in the rush hour, so there was some traffic on the road.

He lit a cigarette in slight annoyance and slowly caught up with the traffic in front of him. However, his heart was extremely troubled by the fact that he was now in the middle of two women.

In fact, after knowing that it was difficult for Fang Xiao to get pregnant after having a miscarriage, the hatred in his heart slowly lessened. What gradually surged into his heart was actually a trace of guilt, always wanting to make up for her.

Now, with great difficulty, he finally had an opportunity. With the help of the Gu family, not only did he marry Fang Xiao, but he could also enter a first-tier coastal city. For him, it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

In fact, he and Fang Xiao had been married for almost a month, even though they slept separately this month. She lived in the guest room on the second floor, while he lived in the master bedroom on the third floor.

Of course, he did not mean that he really did not want to touch her. Even if she was no longer an innocent woman, it was not her fault. He had to pay for what he had done.

Since last week, he had returned home more often. In fact, he did not want to do anything else. He just wanted to spend more time with her and develop a relationship with her. After all, he wanted her to be willing to do that kind of thing.

Also, he could completely imagine what kind of humiliation she had suffered when the three vagrants went to Fang Xiao’s room that night a few months ago. She would be afraid and terrified of that kind of thing in her heart.

Therefore, he could not rush this matter. He had to take it slow. He needed her to accept him as a person first. Only then would she slowly accept his body.

Last night, when he returned home late, she had almost finished eating. She had not prepared his food, so she had cooked a bowl of noodles for him. However, he did not tell her that he actually did not like noodles.

When she helped him cook the noodles, he stood in the kitchen and watched her quietly. He watched her cut tomatoes and fry eggs. When her head was slightly lowered, he could clearly see the white whirlpool at the back of her neck.

At that time, he almost had an impulse to go up and hug her in his arms. He wanted to use his tongue to lick and kiss the whirlpool. He even wanted to be married to her for the rest of his life.

It was funny, wasn’t it? He actually didn’t pay much attention to Fang Xiao in the past. To be more precise, before that, he had always told her that he hated her, so he felt that she wasn’t pleasing to the eye no matter how he looked at her.

Now that he had taken his revenge, the hatred in his heart had disappeared. He looked Fang Xiao up and down again. Only then did he suddenly feel that she was actually a beautiful and intelligent woman. She was a woman who was easy to look at. In fact, the more he looked at her, the more beautiful she became.

She didn’t have a face that would cause people to be stunned for a moment. However, she had a face that people would never forget. And now, he was gradually falling in love with her face. He was falling in love with her.

When he thought about spending his life with Fang Xiao, he naturally thought of Du Caiwei. Of course, that woman who loved him wholeheartedly, it seemed that he could not let her down.

Of course, in China, it seemed impossible to maintain a normal relationship with two women at the same time. Moreover, the two women were likely to fight again.

Therefore, he still wanted Du Caiwei to go to the United States as soon as possible and never come back. Of course, he would go to the United States a few times a year, even if it was to give du Caiwei a home in the United States.