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Chapter 1779: Chapter 1779 I’m always waiting for you


Du Caiwei wiped her tears with a tissue Then she sobbed, “this is all my fault, not Xiaoxiao’s fault. Xiaoxiao was right to cheat on you. But, Yitang, I can’t control myself not to love you, and I can’t leave you. Yitang, today is all my fault, not Xiaoxiao’s fault. Please, Yitang, don’t go looking for trouble with Xiaoxiao. She’s right from her point of view. Yitang, I don’t want Xiaoxiao to hate me. If you go looking for trouble with Xiaoxiao, I don’t know if there will be a next time. “. “…”

“CAIWEI, there won’t be a next time. ” Qiu Yitang immediately took over du Caiwei’s words and sat down by the bed. He stretched out his hand and pulled her into his embrace. He comforted her gently, “don’t worry, I absolutely won’t allow the next incident to happen. ”

“Yitang, don’t go back… don’t go looking for trouble with Fang Xiao. ” Du Caiwei secretly lifted her head from Qiu Yitang’s embrace and looked at him carefully …

“CAIWEI, you’ll go back to the United States tomorrow. ” Qiu Yitang spoke a little tiredly. He hugged her body tightly and patted her back with one hand He advised her softly, “Caiwei, don’t come back to America in the future. As for her, I will not allow her to come to America. ”

Du Caiwei only knew that Qiu Yitang did not mean that there would be no next time. In the end, he wanted to drive her away. How could she be willing to be driven away just like that?

She wanted to stay, she had to stay. The position of the Young Madam of the Qiu family was hers. She was the mistress of the richest family in Hui city. She was determined to do it. She would not foolishly give it to Fang Xiao.

Thinking of this, she could not help but think of a plan. Thus, she reached out and caressed Qiu Yitang’s lower abdomen She said softly, “Yitang, I know. Isn’t it to come back and spend Christmas with you? Once Christmas is over, I will immediately go to America, okay? There are only three days left. I will leave early on the 26th. ”

“Okay. ” Qiu Yitang answered Du Caiwei’s words, but his hand quickly grabbed du Caiwei’s hand that was about to undo her belt buckle. His thin lips pressed on her pink lips as a form of consolation He said softly, “be good. I’ll come back tomorrow. I have to go back tonight. ”

“Yitang. ” Du Caiwei could not help but shout in disappointment. Her pair of big watery eyes looked at Qiu Yitang with a wronged look. She bit her lips and said softly, “Yitang, I only have three days to leave. ”

“I know. ” Qiu Yitang tidied up his clothes, which had been messed up by Du Caiwei, then reached out to pick up his coat, and then turned back to look at her He said gently, “today is the winter solstice festival. Grandma told me to go back early. I can’t stay here. If grandma gets angry, I might not even have freedom in the future. ”

Hearing Qiu Yitang’s words, Du Caiwei remembered that there was indeed such a festival. However, she had never cared about this festival, so she didn’t know what the date was.

Since it was old Madam Qiu who asked Qiu Yitang to go back early, she didn’t dare to force him to stay. She wanted to enter the Qiu family and marry Qiu Yitang. Old Madam Qiu was the key person.

Therefore, she took the initiative to come forward and help Qiu Yitang straighten his tie. Then, she patted his chest and said gently, “Yitang, remember that I am always waiting for you. ”

The corner of Qiu Yitang’s mouth twitched. He did not say anything. He took his coat and turned to walk out of the door. He actually felt like returning home.