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Chapter 1777: Chapter 1777, news of his engagement


However, no matter what tricks Du Caiwei had up her sleeves, this woman definitely had bad intentions when she came knocking on her door, and she did not want to fall into her trap again.

Fang Xiao Tried her best to get rid of Du Caiwei, but du Caiwei’s hands were firmly holding on to her trousers, preventing her from leaving Moreover, she kept shouting, “Xiao Xiao, please don’t chase me out of the country. Xiao Xiao, I just want to stay by Yi Tang’s side. I don’t want to snatch your position. I just love Yi Tang very much and want to have a child with him, but you can’t. “. “…”

“I’ve seen shameless people, but I’ve never seen anyone more shameless than you. ” Liu Yijun couldn’t stand it anymore and quickly interrupted Du Caiwei’s words. Because du Caiwei was her high school classmate.. Therefore, she more or less knew some of this woman’s necessary means to be shameless.

“Who is shameless? ” Du Caiwei’s cries became louder and louder, but her head became lower and lower. Her hands were still tightly holding on to Fang Xiao’s pants. People who didn’t know what was going on thought that she was kowtowing and begging for Fang Xiao’s mercy.. She had really brought the feeling of grievance and enduring humiliation to the extreme.

Fang Xiao only felt that du Caiwei’s acting skills were too deep, and she was not good at acting, so she lifted her leg in frustration, wanting to pull her leg out. She did not want to continue the stalemate with her.

However, du Caiwei’s hands were too tight, and she could not pull her leg out at all. Liu Yijun, who was watching from the side, could not stand it anymore. Therefore, out of the reason of helping Fang Xiao, she instinctively lifted her leg and aimed it at Du Caiwei’s fair.. Her fingers, which were painted with seductive red nail Polish, stomped down hard.

“ouch… it hurts so much… ” du Caiwei screamed like a pig being slaughtered, and finally let go of Fang Xiao’s legs. Her face was twisted because of the pain, and she quickly took care of her fingers.

Fang Xiao and Liu Yijun were in no mood to care whether du Caiwei died from the pain. Besides, even if Liu Yijun stomped on her fingers and feet, it wasn’t enough to kill her.

The two of them quickly walked out of Pizza Hut. Of course, they couldn’t stay here any longer, not to mention that it was just a meal. In fact, they could eat anywhere.

“Fang Xiao, is this how you live the life of the young Madam of the Qiu Family? ” Liu Yijun looked at her and shook her head. “This life of yours is better than working at the Oriental Group. Didn’t you say that it’s good to be an assistant secretary at the Oriental Group? ”

Fang Xiao bit her lips lightly, and her nose couldn’t help but ache. It was good that she was Lin Shanshan’s assistant at the Oriental Group, but the key was that she was no longer wanted.

“Fang Xiao, the president of our group is about to get engaged. ” Liu Yijun took a sip of coffee and said to Fang Xiao, “Dongfang Yunheng’s engagement has broken the hearts of countless women. Some of the women in our subsidiary companies are so upset that they are crying. It would be strange if the secretaries of the President of the main company didn’t hide under the covers and cry until their pillows were wet. ”

Fang Xiao listened quietly. Dongfang Yunheng was about to get engaged. Of course, needless to say, the person he was engaged to was definitely Gu Chenchen, and the engagement was actually the prelude to marriage.

In a typical wealthy family, they would get married soon after getting engaged. Presumably, Dongfang Yunheng would get married soon as well, right?

Thinking of this, warm liquid welled up in her eyes for no reason. In fact, she knew that he was not the Xi Lingheng from five years ago. She knew that he was just high and mighty, that legendary young master, Dongfang Yunheng She knew that he and she were already strangers.