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Chapter 1776: Chapter 1776: Who stopped whose happiness


“You? ” Du Caiwei was scolded by Liu Yijun, and her face immediately turned Pale with anger. Her body also trembled because of excitement, and the crystal clear liquid in her big eyes rolled, but she gritted her teeth and did not let the tears fall.

Du Caiwei’s expression was completely aggrieved. It was as if Liu Yijun’s criticism of her just now was something that happened in the middle of the afternoon, and she was completely wronged.

“Yijun, I know we had a conflict when we were in middle school, but we were so young then. How can you hold a grudge against me over a small conflict? ” Du Caiwei looked at Liu Yijun She looked very wronged and sad. “Yijun, I don’t remember what happened in the past. Why do you have to scold me because of some small fights we had in middle school? ”

Liu Yijun was about to speak when Fang Xiao held her hand and gently advised her, “Yijun, forget it. This isn’t a place for a fight. Let’s not eat pizza hut. Let’s go to the famous cafe across the street. It’s all western food. It should be about the same. ”

Liu Yijun looked at the people around them who were looking at them. She nodded and turned around with Fang Xiao, preparing to walk out of this Pizza Hut restaurant and go to the famous cafe across the street.

However, they had only taken two steps when Du Caiwei caught up with them from behind. She was clearly crying, and she even cried out in a trembling voice, “Xiao Xiao. ”

Fang Xiao turned her head impatiently and looked at Du Caiwei, whose eyes were filled with tears. She asked impatiently, “Miss Du, is there anything else? ”

“Xiao Xiao, that time, I really didn’t know that you were pregnant. Moreover, that time, I was only… ”

“enough, Miss Du! ” Fang Xiao couldn’t bear it any longer and growled. Her hands were already tightly clenched into fists She said coldly, “Du Caiwei, don’t go too far. You should at least have a sense of propriety. You and Qiu Yitang can roll around outside as much as you want. I won’t disturb you. So, please behave yourself and don’t find fault with me. ”

“Xiao Xiao, it was me and Yitang who fell in love first. ” Du Caiwei felt very wronged when she said this. She couldn’t help sobbing and said, “Xiao Xiao, Yitang loved me. If you didn’t come back from abroad to interfere with US… ”

“Who interfered with WHO? ” Fang Xiao quickly interrupted du Caiwei’s words. Her cold gaze landed on Du Caiwei Her voice instantly became cold and without warmth. “Du Caiwei, when Qiu Yitang and I were engaged four years ago, why didn’t you say that he was your boyfriend “And why didn’t Qiu Yitang say that he was already in love with you and wasn’t willing to get engaged to me “A few months ago, Qiu Yitang and I had already broken off completely. My family had already been destroyed, so why didn’t Qiu Yitang marry you at that time “And at that time, you were already pregnant with Qiu Yitang’s child, right “Why haven’t you been able to rely on your mother to support your child? ”

Fang Xiao’s series of questions made du Caiwei unable to answer a single word. When Fang Xiao saw that she wasn’t going to answer, he and Liu Yijun turned around and wanted to leave again.

Unfortunately, just as the two of them took a step forward, du Caiwei suddenly ran up and knelt down in front of her. She even reached out her hands and grabbed Fang Xiao’s pants.

“Hey, Du Caiwei, let go of me! ” Only then did Fang Xiao become nervous. She even instinctively stepped back. She didn’t think that Du Caiwei, this woman, would actually kneel down with her for no reason. What was she up to?