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Chapter 1775: Chapter 1775 the mistress should not be seen in the light


On the winter solstice festival, the North’s custom was to eat dumplings, the south’s custom was to eat glutinous rice dumplings, and the southwest’s custom was to eat rice noodles. On the other hand, old Madam Qiu was particularly particular about it and actually wanted to get some.

The Qiu family’s chef was omnipotent. He could cook dumplings, glutinous rice dumplings, and rice noodles, but when he was doing all this, he realized that the rice noodles were gone, so he had to go buy more.

Because there was a maid asking for leave on the afternoon of the winter solstice festival, the chef could not leave the kitchen alone, so the small matter of buying rice noodles fell to Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao didn’t like eating rice noodles, but since it was the winter solstice festival, and the most important thing was that old Mrs. Qiu needed this kind of thing, she couldn’t refuse and say that she wasn’t going.

The bridge-crossing rice noodles were sold in the supermarket nearby, so she didn’t need to drive out at all. However, before she left the Qiu family’s old house, Liu Yijun called her and said that she had come back from Binhai to celebrate the winter solstice festival and hadn’t seen her for a long time She wanted to meet her.

Liu Yijun was Luo Qili’s cousin. When she went to Binhai to look for a job, Liu Yijun helped her write a resume with ten carats of pink diamonds, so she immediately agreed to meet her at a Pizza Hut in the center of Huicheng.

When Fang Xiao drove to the Pizza Hut, Liu Yijun had already arrived Liu Yijun saw her and said jokingly, “actually, I personally don’t like eating Pizza Hut, but my cousin likes it. She said he’s already a pizza hut, and I’m moving toward the Pizza Hut’s position. ”

Fang Xiao said faintly as they walked toward the Pizza Hut, “actually, there’s nothing wrong with being a pizza hut girl. If you can’t find a suitable man to marry in your life, you might as well be a pizza hut girl. ”

Liu Yijun already knew that she and Qiu Yitang were married. She originally wanted to ask her if her life after marriage was happy But when she thought back, Fang Xiao was the young madam of the Qiu family in Huicheng. How could she not be happy?

Thus, Liu Yijun could not help but sigh. This person’s life was really different. Although the Fang family was bankrupt and the Fang family was in decline, Fang Xiao could still marry into a wealthy family The wife of the CEO that everyone envied.

Fang Xiao and Liu Yijun walked into the only Pizza Hut restaurant in Huicheng. They did not expect to meet someone they used to be familiar with just a few meters away when they were looking for a suitable place to chat.

As the saying goes, enemies have a narrow road. The two people who used to be like sisters actually met like enemies. When Fang Xiao saw her, she obviously turned her face away and pretended not to see her, wanting to walk away.

However, the other party was much more enthusiastic than her. When du Caiwei saw her, she took the initiative to greet her. She even came over and called her softly, “Xiao Xiao, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. ”

When du Caiwei finished calling Fang Xiao, she realized that Liu Yijun was beside Fang Xiao, and Liu Yijun was actually a classmate of Du Caiwei in middle school Therefore, she was slightly stunned for a moment before quickly greeting Liu Yijun, “Yijun, what a coincidence. You Know Xiao Xiao too? ”

“I met Fang Xiao only two years ago, but I’ve heard of her a long time ago. ” Liu Yijun’s attitude was very indifferent She looked at Du Caiwei coldly and said, “CAIWEI, you’ve refreshed my understanding of mistresses. In the past, I always felt that people like mistresses should not be seen in the light. They should be hiding in a dark corner waiting for their husbands to earn more money to reward her with a few flowers. And smart mistresses would not show themselves in front of the main room. SMART mistresses are self-aware. They know that their identity is not honorable, but they also know how to be humble and know how to save face. But, Miss Du, you don’t seem to be a smart mistress, but you actually showed up in front of the main room without any sense of shame. I think you’re planning to be unconventional in mistresses? ”