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Chapter 1773: Chapter 1773. She came back for Christmas


She only wanted to live a peaceful life with Du Caiwei. She would be her young Madam Qiu and Du Caiwei would be her mistress Qiu Yitang. As long as Du Caiwei did not provoke her, she would not go and find trouble with Du Caiwei.

Fang Xiao wanted to live a peaceful life with Du Caiwei and did not want to provoke du Caiwei. However, Du Caiwei not only did not appreciate her kindness, but also wanted to provoke her.

It was December 22nd, the winter solstice festival. In fact, very few young people nowadays celebrated the Winter Solstice Festival. However, the older generation of traditional people still regarded the winter solstice festival as very important. On such a day, it was inevitable that it would be lively.

The Qiu family was a wealthy family in Hui city. Any festival was very grand in their eyes. Even if this young man looked very plain, there were even some young people who did not remember this festival.

Because it was a festival, Fang Xiao naturally could not live alone in the West Mountain Villa. On the morning of December 22nd, she was called back by the Old Lady of the Qiu family, saying that she wanted to help prepare things for the winter solstice festival.

Actually, what did she need to prepare After all, the Qiu family was a wealthy family. They had servants and cooks at home. Moreover, what did a young girl like her know?

However, since Madam Qiu had spoken, it seemed that this so-called granddaughter-in-law of hers was not acting like the young Madam of the Qiu family. Therefore, she went back obediently and greeted Madam Qiu.

Since last week, Madam Qiu said that she did not care about Qiu Yitang’s matters outside, she did not dare to come to see Madam Qiu this week. She only prayed that Qiu Yitang could be more discreet outside and not be exposed by the Paparazzi.

Fortunately, Qiu Yitang was still cautious this week. In short, he was not photographed by the Paparazzi again. Moreover, it seemed that he had returned to the West Mountain Villa for dinner three nights this week. It was really rare.

She still remembered those three nights. When he came home, he always did not remember to call in advance. Moreover, she lived alone in the West Mountain Villa and did not have any servants. She always cleaned and cooked by herself.

It was to the extent that he always carried out surprise attacks. The last time she came back, she was almost done eating. In the end, he came in like an old man and said, “Fang Xiao, I’m hungry. Fill me up with food. ”

FILL UP WITH FOOD? She did not even prepare his food. What was she going to fill him up with Air The key was, could he eat his fill with air?

In the end, she felt a little helpless and could only get up to go to the kitchen to cook for him again. Because he said he was hungry, she thought it was too late to cook, so she fried eggs, Fried Ham, and a few lettuce leaves to cook a bowl of noodles for him.

Fortunately, Qiu Yitang’s temper had improved recently, and for some reason, he could eat a bowl of home-cooked noodles. In the end, he even drank all the soup. He really gave her enough face.

Regarding the photo of him with a woman taken in the newspaper, she didn’t ask him at all and pretended that she didn’t know anything. She didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to tell her.

“She came back for Christmas. After Christmas, she went abroad again, ” Qiu Yitang said to her while she was washing the dishes in the kitchen. She didn’t know if he was telling her the truth.

He came back last night, too. Although he didn’t rush back for dinner, he came back before eight o’clock in the evening. It was really early. It didn’t fit his image as the president of the Qiu Corporation.

In fact, when he came back, she hadn’t slept yet. She was sitting in the study reading a book. After her marriage, she had more free time, so she went to the bookstore to buy some books to read. She was ready to recharge herself in two years.