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Chapter 1772: Chapter 1772 the responsibility of the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family


After Fang Xiao Married Qiu Yitang, did her days settle down? She usually lived alone in the West Mountain Villa, and Qiu Yitang rarely came back. He was the CEO of the Qiu family, and he seemed to be very busy recently.

Fang Xiao had never paid attention to his whereabouts, so twenty days later, old Madam Qiu had a problem with her.

On this day, old Madam Qiu specially called her to the Qiu family’s old house, and then threw a newspaper in front of her with a stern face She said very discontentedly, “look, how did you become a wife? Your husband has only been married for twenty days and he’s already with another woman? ”

Fang Xiao only felt that old Madam Qiu’s words were a little funny. Could she stop Qiu Yitang from looking for a woman outside Moreover, when had Qiu Yitang ever treated her as a wife?

However, she still patiently read through the report. In fact, it wasn’t any breaking news. It was just that Qiu Yitang was having dinner with a woman in a high-class restaurant. From the angle of the camera, that woman’s face was a little blurry She looked down on what she looked like.

However, Fang Xiao recognized her at a glance. This woman was none other than her good sister, Du Caiwei. Therefore, she could not help but feel a little surprised.

She remembered that on the morning of the wedding, Qiu Yitang came knocking on her door with an unpleasant smell of perfume Then, he said to her in great pain, “Caiwei left and went abroad. From now on, she will never appear in Huicheng again. She will never affect our marriage again. ”

This woman who went abroad would never appear in Hui city again. It was only a short 20 days, and she actually came back. Moreover, she even went out with Qiu Yitang in public?

Old Madam Qiu saw that Fang Xiao was silent She could not help but sigh and said, “alright, Fang Xiao, I know you have a problem with Yitang, and you have always held a grudge against our Fang family. You even agreed to marry Yitang because Yitang would send your brother abroad for treatment. ”

Old Madam Qiu sighed. “Fang Xiao, to be honest, I am indeed a little calculative about the matter of your past sexual photos. However, since the matter has already passed and you were indeed a good child, I don’t think that it was your own fault. I think that you were framed. In short — ”

“In short, as the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family, you must carry on the family line for the Qiu family. As the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family, you must also act like the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family. For a husband who is looking for women outside, you must show your authority as the official wife. You must deal with the women outside as you should. DON’T BE SOFT-HEARTED! ”

Fang Xiao bit the corner of her mouth as she listened to old Madam Qiu’s teachings. She thought to herself, she really wanted to teach Qiu Yitang a lesson about the women outside. However, she was afraid that Qiu Yitang would teach her a lesson after she had just taught him a lesson, so why should she bother?

She might as well not care about Qiu Yitang’s matters outside. As long as they did not provoke her, she would have nothing to do. She would spend two to three years with Qiu Yitang as if they were guests and wait until Fang Chen was completely recovered.

Therefore, when old Madam Qiu lectured her, she listened without saying a word. However, she had her own plans in her heart. Qiu Yitang’s woman outside was Du Caiwei, and Du Caiwei was someone she could not afford to provoke. Moreover, Qiu Yitang would never allow her to provoke du Caiwei.