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Chapter 1771: Chapter 1771, the enviable young Madam Qiu


The car was a BMW, a domestic BMW, the kind that cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. Fang Xiao had never thought that she would own a car, so when Qiu Yitang gave her the car keys this morning, she was obviously stunned.

Qiu Yitang was obviously dissatisfied with her stunned state When he threw the car keys to her, he could not help but say, “don’t you usually go to see Fang Chen? It’s much more convenient if you have a car, isn’t it? The West Mountain Villa is a little remote, there are very few buses and taxis.

Therefore, Fang Xiao did not need to delay any further. Moreover, she was not a complete fool. If she really had a car, she would not even need it. Moreover, Qiu Yitang gave her a car to drive, it was not because of his Qiu family’s face.

If she went in and out by taking the bus or stopping a taxi, it would also be a loss of his Qiu Yitang’s face. Therefore, rather than saying that Qiu Yitang was thinking for her, it was more appropriate to say that he was thinking for himself.

However, when she drove the BMW, her nose instinctively twitched because she clearly felt that there was a familiar smell in the car, and this smell came from Du Caiwei.

This car was not new, or at least it was not brand new. After driving for a while, this car must have belonged to Du Caiwei before this?

She rolled down the window and let the air outside dilute the smell completely. Fang Chen, on the other hand, sat in the front passenger seat. He looked particularly excited, acting like a four or five-year-old child.

Because they were both in Huicheng, the journey was not far. It was only a ten-minute drive. Fang Xiao quickly sent Fang Chen to the special school and handed him over to the Auntie and Luo Qili.

Luo Qili saw her driving over and heaved a long sigh of relief She could not help but sigh. “The Qiu family finally has some conscience. Qiu Yitang is still a man. He did not truly abandon you, nor did he truly ignore your younger brother. This way, your parents can finally be at ease underground. ”

Fang Xiao smiled wryly when she heard this. Perhaps this was the best outcome. She only hoped that her younger brother, Fang Chen, would be able to succeed in the surgery after he was sent to the hospital next year. He would be able to develop his intelligence that had stopped developing, and he would be able to become a normal person.

As for her She was no longer important, because her hopes were all on her younger brother, Fang Chen. Before Fang Chen had undergone the surgery, before Fang Chen had fully recovered his intelligence, she would not be able to make other plans.

Before she left, Fang Chen held her hand and asked when he would come to pick him up again. Fang Xiao quickly comforted him, saying that she would come to pick him up on Friday afternoon. Now that her sister was living in Huicheng, she would only be separated from her younger brother for five days a week. They would be together for two days.

Fang Chen was naturally very happy, but he still did not believe it. That was because Fang Xiao had left him here a while ago and had been afraid of losing him for a long time. Therefore, he was very worried when he saw his sister leave.

In the end, Fang Xiao pulled his little finger and promised him that she would keep her word and would not go back on her word. She promised to pick him up on Friday. In the end, Fang Chen was willing to let her leave.

Fang Xiao had originally planned to go to work, but it was already December. It was close to the end of the year, and Qiu Yitang also did not let her go to work. He said that the young Madam of the Qiu family would be disgraced if she went out to work?

Those who knew said that she was a strong woman, but those who did not know thought that he, Qiu Yitang, could not afford to support his wife?

Therefore, Fang Xiao could only stay at home obediently and become the young Madam of Qiu that everyone in Quan Hui city envied.