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Chapter 1767: Chapter 1767 asked me to stay


Of course, she did not agree to marry Qiu Yitang right away because she did not forget the agreement between herself and Dongfang Yunheng. She had signed a contract to sell her body for a year.

Therefore, she lied that she had not resigned from the company and wanted to go back to apply for resignation. Therefore, she left Fang Chen at the Qiu family home and took a car back to bincheng alone.

When she returned to Bincheng, she was no longer an employee of the Dongfang Group, and she could not take even half a step into the Dongfang Group. Therefore, she had no choice but to call Dongfang Yunheng. This time, it was no longer impossible to get through, but it became an empty number.

Dongfang Yunheng’s phone had become an empty number. She was almost instantly stunned. Then, she hopped into a taxi like a crazy person and headed straight for the famous Jiangnan City where she used to live.

Fortunately, the security guards of the famous Jiangnan city still treated her as the owner of this place. She lied and said that she had forgotten to bring her card, but when she reached the floor where Dongfang Yunheng was, she took out her keys and could no longer open the door.

The locks had been changed. He completely did not want her, even though she was a slave that he had bought. Now, as a financial backer, he had even thrown away the slaves that he had bought with money.

She sat at Dongfang Yunheng’s door for a long time, until she heard the sound of her stomach growling. Then, she slowly walked down the elevator.

The noon Sun was so cruel. She walked aimlessly in the garden of Jiangnan’s famous city. The fountains and the artificial mountains seemed to have become unreal, as if she had lived here before.

When she walked out of the gate of Jiangnan’s famous city, the security guard politely handed her an envelope, saying that Mr. Dongfang had left it behind. If he saw her coming, he asked him to give it to her.

She took the envelope and held it tightly in her palm. Under the scorching sunlight, she wandered along the streets of Binhai until she could not walk anymore.

Finally, she opened the envelope. In fact, there was an agreement inside. She had signed the contract of prostitution at that time. On it was her signature, Xi Lingheng’s signature, and —

There was also a sentence that he did not know when he had added: Xi Lingheng was long dead!

Yes, Xi Lingheng was long dead. He died in the snowy winter in New Jersey. He died in that night of the snowstorm. Just like Fang Xiao four years ago, he had died a long time ago.

It was over. This time, it was truly over. Her relationship with him, even the relationship between the financier and the slave, was over. It was so complete!

She should not have expected it, but she was still too stupid. When he drove to Hui city, when he brought her to buy the chain, when he called to say ‘happy birthday’ to her.

She was still too stupid and naive. She had fallen for him once again, but she did not know that everything was just a trap set by him. He just wanted to let her taste the taste of being mercilessly abandoned. …

She tasted it. The pain, the pain, it was like a fish that was swimming in the sea was suddenly thrown onto the hot beach. The lack of water and oxygen attacked her at the same time. She could not breathe at all It was a hundred times more painful than death.

Du Caiwei looked at the bank card, plane ticket, and passport on the coffee table. Then she looked at the man who was smoking on the balcony. She finally understood in an instant. Then, tears rolled down her face.

She ran straight over and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. Her entire face was pressed against his back. She cried and begged, “Yitang, don’t let me go. Yitang, I don’t want to leave you. Yitang, please, let me stay… ”