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Chapter 1765: Chapter 1765 I don’t want to


Fang Xiao knew ah Tao. Every time she came to visit the Fang family, she would see ah Tao. At that time, ah Tao also thought that she would be the future young Madam, so she treated her very well.

Now, it was impossible for her to be the young Madam of the Qiu family. However, ah Tao still treated her well. She still brought her to the guest room, found her clean clothes and towels, and even thoughtfully put hot water in for her.

She thought, AH TAO was a part-time worker after all. Presumably, her family was not rich, so she did not show the so-called dog-eye-looking-down expression. This was also worthy of praise.

When Fang Xiao finished showering, changed her clothes, and dried her hair, she came downstairs and found that her younger brother, Fang Chen, was already back. Qiu Yitang was sitting on the Sofa playing checkers with him.

“sister, ” Fang Chen saw her and immediately ran over. He threw himself into her arms like a four-year-old child and called her coquettishly. Then, he took her hand and came over He pointed at Qiu Yitang and said, “brother-in-law took me to eat mcdonald’s. It was so delicious. I ate hamburgers, French fries, Ice Cream, COLA… ”

Fang Chen counted excitedly like a child, while Fang Xiao’s gaze landed on Qiu Yitang’s face. She asked indifferently and distantly, “Qiu Yitang, what do you mean? ”

Qiu Yitang smiled and did not immediately answer Fang Xiao’s question. Madam Qiu, who had just left, walked out of the elderly room on the first floor and saw Fang Chen She immediately smiled and shouted at him, “Chen Chen, can you and sister Ah Tao go to the building next door to see your room? ”

“Okay, ” Chen Chen agreed happily. Then, she let go of Fang Xiao’s hand and immediately followed Ah Tao to the corridor connecting this building to another building. She looked especially happy.

Old Madam Qiu pulled Fang Xiao to sit down on the SOFA Then, she said earnestly, “Fang Xiao, we are also very sad that such a thing happened to the Fang family. And Yi Tang, this child, is indeed lacking in consideration. Your engagement with Yi Tang has not been canceled yet… ”

“I can announce it now, ” Fang Xiao quickly followed old Madam Qiu’s words Then, she said coldly, “if you are worried that I will use the engagement to Pester you, there is actually no need to go through so much trouble. Just give me a call. I won’t go to the extent of… ”

“Fang Xiao, you’ve misunderstood us. ” Old Madam Qiu hurriedly took over Fang Xiao’s words Then, she sighed softly and said, “of course, I know that so many things have happened in the Fang Corporation, especially the things that happened on your wedding day. I’ve already harshly criticized Yi Tang for all of these. Now… ”

When old Madam Qiu said this, she looked at Fang Xiao and said, “now Yi Tang has already realized his mistake, and is willing to fulfill the engagement with you… ”

“I’m not willing. ” Fang Xiao hurriedly interrupted old Madam Qiu’s words, then looked at Qiu Yitang and said, “I think that director Qiu shouldn’t agree to marry a ruined woman that he hates so much. ”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that to you that day. ” Qiu Yitang immediately apologized Then, he looked at her with a sincere gaze and said, “Fang Xiao, let’s not pursue the past, okay? I promise you that from now on, I will live a good life with you. I will… break up with her. ”

Fang Xiao felt strange when she heard this. What was going on with the Qiu family She was now penniless. There shouldn’t be any value in her that they would be reluctant to part with, right Why was she so warm to her at a time like this?