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Chapter 1764: Chapter 1764 ended so cleanly


She had watched melodramatic online novels before, as well as TV dramas and movies. For the scene of the male and female protagonist breaking up, the senior writers always liked to describe the female protagonist’s pain with heart-wrenching pain.

However, she felt that her pain was not only heart-wrenching, but also heartbreaking!

She felt that her liver and intestines had been pulled out, as if they were being cut inch by inch, piece by piece, by a sharp blade. Her heart was also stabbed by the sharp blade, one by one, and finally, it was riddled with thousands of holes. Those hearts.. Those liver and intestines were scattered in the heavy snow that filled the sky. They were dripping with blood, but they were still loud and clear.

Xi Lingheng, I love you so much. Even if I have to eat chaff and swallow vegetables, I’m willing to go to the ends of the earth with you as long as I can be with you.

Xi Lingheng, I love you so much, but reality has stopped my love for you. Thus, I’m willing to give my all for your future. Even if you will always hate me in the end.

Xi Lingheng, I love you so much. That is why I am willing to leave you in such a way, even though I know that I will never find a second you in this world!

However, if my departure can give you more of everything, then let me end the everlasting love between us because of my love for you. …

Later, Fang Xiao often thought that the old saying, “the everlasting love will last forever, and this hatred will last forever” should be the portrayal of her and Xi Lingheng, right?

The so-called Everlasting Love between her and Xi Lingheng had completely come to an end, and what was left was only hatred, and that hatred might really not reach the end.

As for her and Xi Lingheng, it ended so cleanly. It was as if the Siamese twins that were originally close to each other had suddenly been split open by a sharp blade from the middle, cutting through gold and jade. There was no connection at all. It was clear and sharp!

As for the love between her and Xi Lingheng, it was so short that it was only a year. How did it start? She could not remember it clearly. It was like an ancient movie What was always memorable was the unbearable pain at the end.

In later years, when she dreamed in the middle of the night, she would always dream of the scene when she broke up with him. She would always dream of him shouting at her: I don’t believe it, I won’t believe it… …

“Love is you and me, a life where our hearts are intertwined. Love is you and me, a promise that is inconvenient in times of adversity… ” Dolan’s unique, vicissitudes of life voice came from her bag It also pulled her from the memories of the past into a reality that was even crueler than the memories.

She quickly went to a pavilion by the square. This place was probably used to give people a nap and to hide from the rain. She took out her phone from her bag and realized that it was actually Luo Qili calling.

She used her trembling hands to answer the call and carefully sent the phone to her dripping ear. She didn’t dare to put the phone too close to her ear for fear of getting electrocuted.

Before she could say “Hello” , Luo Qili’s panicked voice came from the phone. “Fang Xiao, it’s bad. Fang Chen has been picked up by the Qiu family. ”

Fang Xiao didn’t remember how she got to the Qiu family in Huicheng because she panicked when she received Luo Qili’s call in the rain. Then, she went straight to the long-distance bus station in her wet clothes.

When she stood in the Qiu family’s hall, shivering and drenched, old Madam Qiu was really shocked. Then, she quickly ordered the maid at home, Ah Tao, to take her to shower and change her clothes. She even said that she was afraid of catching a cold.