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Chapter 1763: Chapter 1763 loving someone was so painful


Finally, a strange expression appeared in his eyes. This was because the woman in front of him was no longer the Fang Xiao he was familiar with. She was no longer the youthful, kind, and passionate Fang Xiao he loved.

This was a heartless, cold, cruel, and merciless executioner.

After Fang Xiao finished shouting those vicious words, she no longer looked at him. She tilted her head slightly upward and made the gesture of looking at the stars. Of course, in such a snowstorm, not to mention there were no stars in the sky, even if there were stars, she would not be able to see them.

Because she couldn’t even see the sky. All she could see was the snow that was dancing like goose feathers in the sky and the storm that kept blowing crazily. She didn’t know if she still had the strength to walk back to the dormitory tonight She didn’t know if she would die in the snowstorm just like that.

Xi Lingheng was desperate in the end because the woman standing in front of him was so unfamiliar that she didn’t even look at him. Therefore, the hand that was holding on to Fang Xiao finally loosened, bit by bit. Slowly, she was very reluctant to let go She was very reluctant, but in the end, she let go of her completely.

Fang Xiao quickly turned around and did not look at him again. She was determined and determined. Without turning back, she walked desperately in the snowstorm. Because she was walking against the wind, because the soles of her shoes had been frozen into ice Because she had stood in the snow for too long, her legs and feet were almost numb from the cold.

Actually, walking in this kind of weather was very difficult, but even so, she did not let herself turn back. She gritted her teeth and endured all kinds of pain. Step by step, she walked forward with difficulty.

She did not know how long she had walked because the whole world was silver time. She did not even know if it was dark or not. She did not know how far she had walked. She had never looked back She did not know how far she was from the square.

She walked until she could no longer walk. She walked until her body could no longer hold her body steady. Finally, she fell limply into the snow by the roadside.

It was strange. She fell in the snow, but she did not faint like in movies and television. Her brain was extremely clear. She just looked at this silver world, so cold that there was no trace of warmth. She finally could no longer hold on to herself She could no longer lie to herself. Her tears could no longer be forced back, so she burst into tears.

It was not known whether her crying attracted help or whether her red clothes were eye-catching in the snow. In short, she was found by the rescuers in the snowmobile, and they helped her into the car.

After getting into the ambulance, she was still crying. The rescuers thought that she was cold, so they immediately drove to the nearest rescue station, gave her clothes and food, and let her stay in the House with the heater on.

However, she was still crying. She hid in the corner of the House with the heater and cried until she was heartbroken. The rescue workers quickly came over and asked her why she was crying with concern Was there something that she still lacked.

She told people in Chinese that she did not lack anything. She had just lost something. That thing was called love. For the first time in 20 years, she fell in love with someone. She loved him so much that she was even more confused than herself. However, she had lost him.

She had never known that loving someone was so painful. Once she wanted to separate from him, it was as if her entire heart had been dug out by her. Her heart was clearly empty, but she could still feel the pain Moreover, the pain spread throughout her body through her blood vessels, all the way to her limbs and bones.