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Chapter 1762: Chapter 1762: Don’t tell me you can’t bear to part with her


However, despite the pain, Xi Lingheng still did not let go of her hand. Instead, he held her wrist tightly, with no intention of letting go at all.

Perhaps it was because of the pain that he had the instinct to clench his fists even tighter, but the hand that held her wrist became more and more forceful instead. Fang Xiao could almost feel the bones in her wrist cracking It was as if they were about to shatter in an instant.

She finally gritted her teeth and steeled her heart. She raised her other hand and swung it fiercely at his face that was covered in snow and white. Only a trace of black eyebrows and purplish lips could be seen.

“SLAP! ” The crisp sound of a slap resounded in the square, which was so quiet that only the sound of their breathing and heartbeats could be heard except for the falling snow. It was clearly a cold winter, but it was like thunder that shocked both her and him at the same time.

Such a heavy and decisive slap obviously landed on Xi Lingheng’s face, but it also landed on her heart at the same time. It was so painful that her heart instantly shattered into dust and flew in the air as the snowflakes danced It instantly dyed the silver snowflakes into a dazzling bright red color.

Xi Lingheng was obviously shocked as well. Because of her slap, the snowflakes on his face had been completely shaken off, and his face was red. His eyes were obviously filled with disbelief.

But even so, he still did not let go. He still held onto her wrist tightly and refused to let go. It was as if he would not let go of her hand no matter what.

She was finally forced to bite her own lip and point her other hand at her She started to shout hysterically, “Xi Lingheng, are you still a man? I’ve already told you very clearly just now that I don’t love you anymore. I don’t love you at all. Can you stop clinging to me so shamelessly? ”

“people say that a man should have ambition. Why don’t you have any ambition at all “You still want to continue our relationship, but I’m not willing to go down anymore. Xi Lingheng, let go of me immediately. Let go of me immediately. Don’t be like this, okay A man has to act like a man. A man has to be able to take it and let it go. Look at you now, how are you still like a man Do you think I, Fang Xiao, have no backbone Would I love a man who doesn’t look like a man I beg you, don’t disgust me like this, okay?”

“Don’t tell me that you can’t bear to leave me. Now, I feel disgusted just by looking at you. Let go of me right now. I don’t want to see you again. I don’t want to see you again in this lifetime! ”

Fang Xiao shouted like this. She said whatever words hurt the most and were the most vicious. In fact, she did not even know that many of the words were repeated. She just wanted the most vicious words to drive him away.

These words were so unbearable to hear. It was like a heavy and blunt copper hammer that slammed heavily into Xi Lingheng’s chest. His chest was like an iron wall. The copper hammer seemed to have no reaction when it hit him.

However, the heart hidden in his chest was shattered by the copper hammer. The heart that had been shattered into dust instantly flew in the wind like pieces of paper.

Xi Lingheng just stood there without moving. He stared at her face without blinking. His eyes were bloodshot and his eyes were dyed dark red. …