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Chapter 1761: Chapter 1761. A long pain is better than a short one


“What about me “I’m different from you. I can’t do anything without working hard. I’m the only hope my parents have. Our family depends on me alone. So, if I have a better future to choose from now, then I will definitely choose my future and a good life without hesitation. My fianc�� can make me a wealthy lady and let me live a luxurious life. Can you give me all this? ”

“Even if you can, can you make the decision? If you can make the decision for your own life, then you won’t have to step on a bicycle every day to earn a salary and have to eat three meals a day, right? ”

In the snowstorm, Xi Lingheng’s entire body was trembling continuously. Fang Xiao’s words were like a snowstorm that was hard to come by in the past few decades, mercilessly hitting his body and his heart.

No, her words were even colder and stiffer than the snowstorm that was hard to come by in the past few decades. Her words were so painful to hit his body and so hard to hit his heart. It almost completely shattered his heart in an instant.

He was so helpless as he looked at her. There was a step between the two of them, but his hand was still holding hers. There was a snowflake between them.

The snow was so big, but he still looked at her without blinking. It was as if if he blinked, he would never see his Xiaoxiao again.

His Lips quivered in the snowstorm. After a long time, he could finally say something. However, because the snowflakes flew into his mouth and blocked his throat, his voice sounded particularly deep and hoarse. In the snowstorm, there was endless sorrow and desperate struggle.

“Xiaoxiao, I love you. I don’t listen to what you just said. I don’t want to listen. I only know that I love you. Xiaoxiao, please don’t go, okay “I know that there is a barrier between us, but I will work hard. Xiao Xiao, please don’t go. If you go, from now on, in the vast world, in the vast sea of people, where will I find you? ”

Fang Xiao felt as if her heart was suddenly bound by a rope. Her nose became sour again, and snowflakes flew to her eyes. Because of the warmth of the liquid in her eyes, they quickly merged into water, mixing with her warm liquid They flowed down her face together.

Fang Xiao used all her strength to pull at her wrist. She just wanted to break away from Xi Lingheng’s control as soon as possible, break away from Xi Lingheng’s Big Palm, and completely break away from him.

However, Xi Lingheng held her wrist very tightly. He had no intention of letting go of her at all. Therefore, she did not use the other hand that was originally holding onto the scarf to break her fingers. One by one, she used almost all her strength.

However, Xi Lingheng’s fingers were as hard as iron. She used all her strength to break one, but when she tried to break the other one, this finger bent down again and held her wrist tightly again. She did not give her any chance to break free at all.

She broke it for a long time and finally gave up. Then, she became ruthless and lowered her head. She opened her mouth, and her lips that were numb from talking suddenly bit on the back of his hand.

She used all her strength to bite down on him. She knew that she must have hurt him because her teeth were aching so much that they were about to fall off.

However, she did not give up. There was a saying that it was better to be in pain for a long time than to be in pain for a short time. She would rather be in pain for a while. As long as he could be fine in the future, as long as he did not lose many things because of her, as long as the Fang family in Hui city could bring back the dead.. As long as everyone was fine, then she would rather bear the pain. . .