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Chapter 1760: Chapter 1760, what is the future


The gas pipe was twisted open, and the gas quickly came out. The smell was very unpleasant at first, but as the smell became stronger and stronger, it gradually filled the entire space. The smell became stronger and stronger, slowly entering people’s hearts and confusing people’s minds People gradually fell into a kind of illusory peace, like a fairy stepping on the clouds, surrounded by soft clouds. No matter how much pain, no matter how much nostalgia and memories, they became distant things in an instant As the clouds rose higher and higher, her body felt light. It was the pleasure of ascending to Heaven after being anesthetized!

“Xi Lingheng, let go. We were never on the same level of living, ” Fang Xiao finally gathered all her strength and spoke to the man who had grabbed her wrist tightly and was now wrapped in snow like a snowman.

“Xi Lingheng, for many things, our views and experiences are different. You said that you like to be with me, even if it’s a burger, coke, or even cold bread. This is because you’ve never lived such a life before. You’re just simply experiencing life. Yes, you’re just experiencing life together, that’s why you think such a life is so wonderful. ”

“But, Xi Lingheng, I’m different from you. My life is always full of ups and downs. When I was very young, I already lived a life where I couldn’t eat three meals a day. Later on, because of my parents’ hard work, our family’s life got better, but the days when I was young are still fresh in my memory. ”

“You’ve never experienced it before, so you think that this kind of life is fresh, but we’ve lived this kind of life since we were young, and we’ve even lived for almost ten years. That kind of life was poor and difficult. We struggled at the lowest level of life, and our family squeezed in the small shed. Every day, we calculated carefully, and whenever we saw mineral water bottles or cans, we would pick them up and sell them to buy a pen. Although this kind of life has long been away from me, I’m still afraid of returning to that kind of life again. ”

“Xi Lingheng, you said that you really like this kind of life. You like living a trivial and ordinary life with me in that 30-square-meter apartment. You even said that this kind of life is more down-to-earth. It’s more like an ordinary day, more like the smoke and fire of the human world. ”

“Yes, that’s indeed the case. I also admit that this kind of day is indeed ordinary and trivial, but have you asked yourself why you like this kind of day? ”

“You haven’t asked yourself, have you? Then, let me tell you. That’s because you’ve always lived far away from this level, so you’ve never experienced this kind of life, so you feel that it’s fresh and exciting. ”

“And me? ” “I’ve stayed in this ordinary and trivial low-level life for ten years. During those ten years, I’ve already experienced the real life that you described. This kind of life has made my ten years dirty, so I’m not willing to let my life go backwards. The reason my parents sent me to study in the United States is because they want me to have a better future and a better life. ”

“What do you mean by future? I don’t think you understand, because your future has already been written for you. You don’t even need to work hard, you just need to lift your feet and you can walk on that Golden Road of success. ”