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Chapter 1759: There were more things in chapter 1759


“Xiao Xiao, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear anything. I know that what you’re saying is a lie. It’s all a lie! ” The heavy snow fell on Xi Lingheng, turning him into a snowman. His face.. His hands were covered by the heavy snow. He almost looked down on him.

Even so, his hand still held Fang Xiao’s hand tightly. White smoke was coming out of his mouth He shouted at her loudly, “Xiao Xiao, in this world, in my heart, nothing is more important than you. Do you know that you are the most important part of my life? No one can replace you! ”

Fang Xiao raised her head, wanting to look at the sky, but there was a huge snowfall in the sky. There were so many snowflakes, so white, like cotton in late autumn, covering the entire sky She couldn’t even see the sky.

The storm was still blowing mercilessly, making a rattling sound. She felt dizzy and her nose was counting. Perhaps it was because she had stood in this storm for too long, her legs were weak and she could barely stand.

In her stomach, she had obviously forced herself to eat something in the afternoon, but at this time, it seemed like there was nothing at all. It was so empty that it became colder and colder. It was as if there was no heat in her body at all.

Everything around her seemed to be spinning in the storm. The goose-feather-like snow danced faster and attacked her, as if it was going to crush her in an instant.

However, she was still struggling non-stop, trying to free her hand from Xi Lingheng’s hand. And it was precisely because she was constantly moving her arms and body Xi Lingheng’s down jacket that was draped over her body was finally blown to the ground by the storm.

She was getting colder and colder, so cold that her entire body was trembling non-stop. In such a snowstorm, she wanted to escape as soon as possible, but he did not let her escape.

Her hand was still firmly held by Xi Lingheng, but her other hand had no choice but to tighten her scarf tightly. Because the snowflakes drilled into her neck and made her body even colder So much so that the voice that comes out has already changed pitch by this time.

But even so, she still did not flinch, looking at him in the snowstorm, and then, word by word, “Xi Lingheng, perhaps you already have a bright future and will have many things in the future. That’s why you think I’m so important. However, to me, I don’t have many things to begin with. Now, if I don’t work hard, I will lose many things. So, in this world, besides you, there are many other things that are worth grasping. Therefore, to me, you are far less important. ”

Xi Lingheng, who was in the snowstorm, looked at her in shock. After a while, he took half a step back and looked at her with an extremely sad gaze.

Even so, he did not let go of her wrist immediately. His lips trembled in shock, excitement, and anger. He wriggled as if he wanted to say something, but after a while.. He did not say a word.

For some reason, when Fang Xiao, who was standing in the snowstorm, saw Yun Heng like this, she felt an inexplicable sense of intoxication. It was like a suicidal person opening a gas tank in a sealed room.