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Chapter 1758: Chapter 1758 breaking up in the snowstorm


“Fang Xiao, I don’t believe it! ” In the snowstorm, Xi Lingheng used almost all of his strength to shout loudly. The snowflakes fell off his head because he was angry, and his face was red because of his excitement White mist came out of his mouth. “Xiao Xiao, I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it at all. You’re a random noble family, a random fianc��, and a random noble wife. I will never believe that you’re such a person. I also won’t believe that you would leave me because of this. Xiao Xiao, this isn’t true. Tell me it’s not true. You’re definitely not such a person! ”

The storm was almost life-threatening, and the snow was still fluttering mercilessly. Standing in such a snowstorm, Fang Xiao almost could not keep her balance. If it were not for the words in her heart that grabbed her arm, she would definitely have fallen.

Looking at Xi Lingheng who was roaring like an angry lion in the snowstorm, Fang Xiao’s heart almost shattered into dust in an instant. For a second, she almost wanted to give up and tell him that this was not true. It was indeed not true.

However, the noblewoman’s face instantly welled up in her mind again. Her Noble and elegant voice rang in her ears, “Miss Fang, you are not worthy of our Ling Heng. He is not a real poor boy. ” He was only here to experience life. His level of life was like that of a Royal Family Aristocrat. It was not something an ordinary woman like you could touch. I hope you know your limits. Don’t delay his retreat. He still has a bright future waiting for him!

She could not drag him down, and she could not block his bright future either. So, she quickly gathered all her strength, and a cruel smile appeared on her cold and Pale face once again Her voice was even colder than the blizzard. “Xi Lingheng, a noble family may be worthless to you, but for someone like me, it’s a rare opportunity in life. Of course, if the other party is just a noble family, I might not consider it, but not only does the other party have a rich background, he’s also a young talent. He’s very satisfied with me, and I like him very much, so I’m going to break up with you. I’m going to go back to the country and marry him. How about this? Am I clear enough? You should understand, right? ”

The Red Storm continued to blow, and the snowflakes continued to flutter like goose feathers. It was as if the entire state of New Jersey was covered in a large sheet of white.

Xi Lingheng held Fang Xiao’s wrist so tightly, so heavily, and so forcefully. Fang Xiao gritted her teeth and endured it. She thought that it would be good if he crushed her wrist today. That way, she would at least have one hand left for him, right?

The storm mercilessly hit her body. Actually, Xi Lingheng’s down jacket could not stop the cold of the storm at all. Perhaps Xi Lingheng’s hand was holding Fang Xiao’s wrist too tightly and too forcefully In the end, she could not hold it in anymore even though she gritted her teeth. Warm liquid finally surged into her eyes again, and she could no longer force the liquid back. She could only let it flow out and slowly slide down her face Finally, it turned into an icicle below her face.

Her eyes, on the other hand, kept spinning in the sockets filled with warm liquid. The tears gradually blurred her eyes and finally turned into a small circle of light. In that circle of light, there was nothing else but him In the circle of light, she saw his face, his eyes, and his tightly pursed lips. …