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Chapter 1757: Chapter 1757, I don’t believe you


After saying this, Fang Xiao quickly turned around and left. Her footsteps were very fast. In fact, there was a snowstorm in the sky that was as heavy as goose feathers. Her entire body was covered from head to toe in snowflakes, and her shoes were also covered in snow The ground was also covered with a layer of snow that was more than an inch thick. The entire world had long become a silver world.

In fact, it was impossible to walk fast in such a scene. Moreover, the wind was blowing. Moreover, she was walking against the wind. The umbrella that had been blown off stake by the wind could not withstand the snowstorm at all. Therefore, she simply threw the umbrella away Then, she walked forward against the snowstorm.

Walking against the wind was very difficult. Her body was covered in snow. Some of the snow slid down her pants and fell into her shoes. Due to the heat of her feet, the snow did not melt, soaking the socks and shoes inside Hence, her pair of shoes seemed to be particularly heavy in an instant. She almost could not walk anymore.

However, she still insisted on walking forward as fast as she could. In her heart, she kept telling herself to walk faster and faster. She was worried that if she were to slow down even a little, she would not be able to hold back her tears and would turn around to turn back.

Xi Lingheng stood there like a fool, staring blankly at Fang Xiao’s retreating figure. He watched as she walked faster and faster in the snowstorm and watched as her figure became smaller and smaller before he finally came to his senses Then, he flung his feet and chased after her.

He was tall and had long legs. Even though they were both walking in the snow, he still managed to catch up to her in less than three minutes.

“Xiaoxiao. ” Xi Lingheng caught up from behind and grabbed her next door. His hands were big and strong, so he held her very tightly, as if she would disappear into thin air if he let go.

His eyes were red. Perhaps it was because he was sprinting in the middle of winter, but his breathing was also rapid. As he spoke, he breathed out hot air in large mouthfuls. “Xiaoxiao, you can’t do this. Xiaoxiao, you can’t do this. ”

The wind was still blowing, but the snow was getting heavier. Fang Xiao’s entire body was covered in snow like goose feathers. Because her shoes were all wet and cold, her entire body was constantly trembling.

Xi Lingheng thought she was cold, so he immediately used his hand to pat the snow off her body. Then, he quickly took off his down jacket and draped it over her body, hugging her tightly in his arms He kept spitting out hot air as he said, “Xiao Xiao, you can’t do this. How can you do this… ”

Fang Xiao used all her willpower and courage to force the warm liquid in her eyes back. She struggled out of Xi Lingheng’s arms and took a step back. She stood a step away from him and looked at him coldly She snorted and said, “Xi Lingheng, can you please let go of your hand? ” “I’ve already told you just now. Since you didn’t hear me clearly, then I’ll say it again. I’m engaged in China. My fianc�� is handsome and rich. I want to live the life of a wealthy lady. Please don’t drag me down again. Don’t hinder me from living a happy life, okay? ”

Fang Xiao’s expression was cold and determined. Every word she said was as sharp as the heavenly sword in Zhou Zhiruo’s hand in “the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre” , stabbing straight at Xi Lingheng’s chest It was as if she had cut through gold and jade, cutting off the last trace of affection between them without hesitation.