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Chapter 1756: Chapter 1756: The past


Forty-eight hours later, as she dragged her simple luggage along the streets of the winter rain in Bincheng When the giant TV in the square was showing Dongfang Yunheng and Gu Chenchen playing golf on the Lush Green Golf Course in Royal Melbourne Watching the handsome men and beautiful women on the giant TV walking hand in hand on the Green Golf course, watching the tacit understanding and love between their movements

She finally understood that it was an illusion. It was indeed an illusion, and it was ridiculously wrong.

How old was she She was already 24 years old. How could she still have unrealistic dreams like a 17 or 18-year-old girl?

A romantic candlelit dinner and a drunken piggyback ride. Did you think that he had forgotten the past and wanted to start over with you?

Fang Xiao, you are so stupid, but he was incomparably clear-headed.

The rain in the sky was getting heavier and heavier. There were almost no people walking on the streets in the evening. The usually lively square was empty. Occasionally, when someone walked by, they would hold an umbrella or wear a raincoat.

Only she, only she, did not have an umbrella or raincoat. She was alone, dragging a suitcase and walking on the streets step by step, letting the winter rain rain on her head and body!

The weather in the south was clearly just a winter rain, but why was it so cold? It suddenly gave her the illusion of snow, and she had not seen snow for four years.

The cold rain poured down from the top of her head until her feet were wet. It was just like the winter in New Jersey four years ago, the winter when the snow was as heavy as goose feathers.

Four years had passed, and Fang Xiao still remembered that evening, the evening when she broke up with Xi Lingheng.

That afternoon, it started to snow, and it was the biggest snowfall in a year. At the same time, there was also a storm. It was said to be the biggest storm in New Jersey in thirty years, so the snow that day was called a snowstorm.

Fang Xiao remembered that she had brought an umbrella when she went out. In fact, the umbrella was used to shelter from the sun and rain. In a weather like a snowstorm, an umbrella actually did not have much practical meaning. Moreover, walking in a snowstorm, the umbrella was almost unable to hold up.

She called Xi Lingheng to meet her at the plaza in New Jersey. When she rushed to the plaza, Xi Lingheng was already there waiting for her. When he saw that she had an umbrella that had been broken by the snowstorm, he even blamed her for not wearing a snow-proof down jacket.

Xi Lingheng said that such a strong wind and such a heavy rain, the umbrella could not withstand anything at all. He had also brought an umbrella when he went out, but after realizing that the umbrella was useless, he went upstairs to change into a snow-proof down jacket.

Xi Lingheng was indeed wearing a snow-proof down jacket, the iron-gray kind. When he wore it, he also wore the hat that the down jacket had on itself. It was like armor, just like the valiant vanguard officers on the ancient battlefield Standing in the wind at the head of thousands of soldiers and horses, this kind of attire not only did not make people feel comical, but it also made people feel particularly high-spirited.

Before Fang Xiao called Xi Lingheng, she had already memorized the manuscript countless times. On the way here, she had considered it over and over again, and she already felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

Therefore, in order to complete this breakup that she had already decided on in the shortest amount of time, when she saw Xi Lingheng, she hurriedly said, “Lingheng, I called you out today to tell you that we should break up. I don’t love you anymore “I’ve decided on a marriage after returning to China this time. The other party is from a prestigious family. ”