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Chapter 1755: Chapter 1755 the illusion of happiness


Her chest was pressed against his back. He could only feel the two soft lumps tightly rubbing together with his hard back Ridge. Suddenly, he felt as if cotton was wrapped around a stone.

And her heartbeat had somehow matched his heartbeat. He could clearly hear the two hearts thumping, but they were in sync.

At night, the streets of Paris were bustling with people. Fortunately, this was an extremely romantic city. Not to mention a man carrying a woman on his back, even a man and a woman hugging and kissing on the streets was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Yun Heng, how much longer do we have to walk? ” She whispered on his back.

He did not make a sound because the hotel was already in front of him, but he actually did not want to walk into the hotel. He even thought of carrying her on his back and walking on forever.

He knew that this was impossible. He also knew that when they returned to Binhai, everything would be over. No matter what relationship they had, from now on, they would have nothing to do with each other.

Fang Xiao always felt that she was not completely drunk and confused, but she still did not remember the time when she returned to the hotel room. Moreover, she was so drunk that she fell asleep in that expensive gown without even taking a shower.

Fortunately, she did not forget her duty, so her phone alarm had already been set before dinner. When she woke up, the phone alarm had not even rung.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower and change into her own clothes. Then, she took off the exquisite gown and put it in the exquisite box. The necklace and brooch were also put in the box.

By the time she was done, the phone alarm had already rung. She had just cut off the phone alarm when the doorbell rang. She went over to open the door, and Dongfang Yunheng was already waiting for her outside the door.

“Hurry up. There are some adjustments to work at Binhai. I’ve changed the flight. It’s two hours ahead of schedule. If we don’t hurry, it’ll be too late, ” Dongfang Yunheng urged her.

She nodded. She immediately pulled her luggage and quickly walked out of the room. The two of them went downstairs together. After paying the bill, they quickly took a taxi to the Paris airport.

When they returned to Binhai, it was past eight o’clock in the evening. As soon as they walked out of the airport, Wu Jianping and Lin Shanshan were already waiting there. Lin Shanshan was carrying Dongfang Yunheng’s briefcase in her hand. When she saw Dongfang Yunheng, she immediately asked for his ID and said that she was going to change the boarding pass.

Only then did Fang Xiao know that he was going to take a plane trip again. However, the person accompanying him this time was not her, but his chief secretary, Lin Shanshan.

Dongfang Yunheng and Lin Shanshan went on a business trip, while she was sent back to Jiangnan’s famous city by Wu Jianping. She thought back to the two-day trip to Paris and felt like it was a dream. She even wondered if she had made a trip to Paris.

The next day, she had just arrived at the company when the personnel manager handed her a resignation letter. He politely and formally told her that she had been fired by the Dongfang Group because she had missed work for half a month for no reason.

She was immediately dumbfounded. She immediately called Dongfang Yunheng, but her phone could not be connected. She also could not get through to Lin Shanshan’s phone, and she was looking for Wu Jianping. Wu Jianping said that such matters were not under the general manager’s jurisdiction.

When she was having a candlelit dinner with Dongfang Yunheng at the Eiffel Tower Skyscraper Restaurant in Paris, Fang Xiao always had the illusion that happiness had arrived. When Dongfang Yunheng carried her drunk and dazed on his back and walked on the bustling streets of Paris.. Fang Xiao still had the illusion that happiness was on her head.