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Chapter 1751: Chapter 1751: Accompany Him to Paris


After returning to the hotel, Dongfang Yunheng asked her indifferently, “I’ve come to France. Where do you want to go? ”

She blurted out almost instinctively, “I WANT TO GO TO PROVENCE! ”

Provence, the Holy Land of love that Aunty Qiongyao needed, the place where lavender blotted out the sky and covered the earth, the small town with the magic of love.

Dongfang Yunheng was slightly stunned for a moment, then he said indifferently, “it’s November now, the lavender has long disappeared. What are you going to provence for? ”

Fang Xiao immediately stopped talking. She knew that it was November, and she also knew that the lavender had long disappeared. But even so, she still wanted to go to the place that she had always wanted to go, even if that place no longer had the intoxicating purple.

Dongfang Yunheng booked two rooms, and the two rooms were next to each other. Could it be that he was so considerate that he actually stayed in an ordinary luxurious single room like her, and did not have the luxury to stay in a presidential suite or anything like that.

Because she ate dinner with the Frenchman a little late, after returning to the hotel, they each went back to their own rooms to sleep. Did Dongfang Yunheng not ask him to go over and draw a bath for him or something.

It was her first time in Paris, the romantic capital of the country. Fang Xiao thought that she would be so excited that she would not be able to sleep, but it turned out that it was not the case at all.

She did not sleep well on the long-distance plane, and when she got off the plane, she accompanied Dongfang Yunheng directly to meet a client. She did not even have a chance to catch her breath, so when she returned to the hotel, she took a bath and fell into bed. She actually fell asleep very quickly, and she slept until dawn She did not even dream.

The next morning, Dongfang Yunheng went out. He did not bring her along, only letting her move around freely. He said that she could walk around and see the scenery, and she could also go shopping in Paris. French skin care products were very famous.

She was not interested in skin care products. She did not like to put those things on her face. Even if it was winter now, she would only put some BB cream on her face to prevent it from drying. She did not need anything else.

She could see the scenery. After all, it was not easy to come to Paris, so she wandered the streets of Paris alone. Because she could not speak French and could not read and distribute texts, it was still difficult to communicate outside.

Fortunately, there were people from all over the world in Paris, and her English was not bad. Therefore, she used English to communicate with people. She knew that it would waste a lot of time to go to every scenic spot. If she wanted to take a look and take a picture, she could choose to go on a boat trip Then she could choose to go boating on the Seine river, because the Seine River connected all the main scenic spots in Paris.

She did not stay in Paris for long, because Dongfang Yunheng had booked a plane ticket to return to the seaside at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, so she only had one day, so she chose to go boating on the Seine river without hesitation.

Fang Xiao had been boating on the Seine river for a whole day. In the evening, she felt tired, so she returned to the hotel. She did not know if Dongfang Yunheng had returned, because she did not share a room with him.

She pushed the door open and walked in. To her surprise, she found an exquisite packaging box on the big bed. On top of the packaging box, there was also an exquisite and beautiful jewelry box.

Fang Xiao was stunned. When she went out in the morning, there were no such things on the bed. Today, she had been boating on the Seine river for a whole day and did not buy anything. Where did these things come from?

Could it be that he bought them and put them here?