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Chapter 1750: Chapter 1750 follow him to France


She had thought that there would be no one in the world who would remember her birthday, because those who would remember her birthday had already passed away, and her only relative, her younger brother Fang Chen, was a retard. His IQ was stuck at three or four years old He would not remember her birthday.

But she did not expect that he would actually remember it. He would actually spend such a birthday with her. Although it was short and simple, it was still warm.

“accompany me to France in a week. ” Dongfang Yunheng’s voice came from the phone. It was already an order from the formula.

“Go to France? ” She could not help but be stunned. She asked instinctively, “why? ”

“You are my personal secretary. If I go on a business trip, can you not follow me? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s voice was obviously filled with dissatisfaction.


Therefore, a week later, Fang Xiao returned to the company to work. Her first job was to accompany Dongfang Yunheng to fly to Paris in France. Lin Shanshan did not say what he was going there to do. She only told her to take good care of the president’s daily life.

This was her responsibility, so she could not shirk it. Therefore, Wu Jianping drove them to the airport. Then, she and he went through the boarding procedures and flew to Paris in France.

Fang Xiao had always yearned for France, especially Paris, because it was an extremely romantic city. It was said that as long as one arrived in Paris, women could meet handsome men, and men could meet beautiful women.

Five years ago, when she was still studying in New Jersey, Xi Lingheng once asked her, “Xiao Xiao, where do you want to go the most? ”

“Paris! ” At that time, she answered without even thinking

He smiled and then asked, “Paris is so big, where do you want to go the most? The Louvre, Notre Dame, the Seine River, the Arc de Triomphe, the palace of Versailles? ”

“I like the Eiffel Tower! ” She announced loudly. “when I have money, I must go to Paris. I must climb the Eiffel Tower! ”

Climbing the Eiffel Tower had always been her dream. A week ago, when she was playing with her brother in Huicheng Park and saw the Eiffel Tower on the television, she had thought that her dream would never come true.

But she did not expect Dongfang Yunheng to go to Paris, France, on a business trip. He actually took her with him. The two of them boarded an international flight, so of course, it was first class.

He chose a seat by the aisle and sat down, so she sat down by the window. It was breakfast, and the sun outside the window was slowly rising like a plane.

She wondered what kind of spectacular view the Seine River was from the Eiffel Tower, and if she could make her dream come true this time when she went to Paris?

After arriving in France, Fang Xiao realized that Dongfang Yunheng was not really very busy. He did want to meet a client, but the client was French, and she did not speak French.

Therefore, when Dongfang Yunheng brought her to meet the French client, she could only sit at the side with a smile and listen to him communicate with the handsome old man in fluent French.

The French old man looked at her and asked something, but she did not understand. He did not translate it to her, but answered on her behalf. The way the French old man looked at her immediately became respectful.

On the first day, she met such a client and ate an authentic French meal. Perhaps it was because there was too much honey in the honey shrimp, but Fang Xiao only felt sick of it, so she did not eat much.