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Chapter 1749: Chapter 1749: Thank You for remembering me


Fang Xiao immediately cut off the phone without hesitation. She felt that Qiu Yitang was somewhat inexplicable. He had already destroyed her family and ruined her reputation. How could he still have the face to mention marriage to her?

The phone was cut off and the elevator door just opened. She immediately stepped in, but she did not expect the phone to ring again. Moreover, it was the previous number.

This time, she did not press the answer button again. Instead, she cut it off without hesitation and then turned off the phone without hesitation. She really did not have any interest to say another word to Qiu Yitang.

When she returned to her room, she only felt tired. It was not just her body, but also her heart. Therefore, she quickly took her pajamas to the bathroom to take a shower. All she wanted was to climb into bed and go to bed as soon as possible.

However, just as she took a shower, the landline in her house rang. The landline here rarely rang. She had lived here for so long, and it was the first time she received a call. Moreover, it was from a woman. That woman was actually Dongfang Yunheng’s ex-girlfriend.

Fang Xiao guessed that the big call this time was definitely from Dongfang Yunheng’s ex-girlfriend. This was because very few people in his house knew the landline number. Even she herself did not know what the number was Because she had not used this landline to call her own cell phone.

Therefore, she chose to ignore the existence of the landline and ignored it. Thinking that no one would pick up the phone later, the landline naturally would not ring.

But who would have thought that the caller seemed to be particularly persistent. It was completely as if he would not stop until she picked up the phone. The landline rang and stopped, but two seconds later, it rang again.

She was finally completely defeated. Moreover, the phone rang and she could not sleep. Therefore, she had no choice but to pick up the phone and almost instinctively said, “Dongfang Yunheng is not here today. Can you call him on his cell phone or another day? ”

There was a long period of silence on the other end of the phone. Just when she thought that the person on the other end might have heard her clearly and was not planning to speak, and was about to put down the phone, she did not expect a slightly familiar and deep voice to come over.

“Xiao Xiao, it’s me. ” Yun Heng’s voice seemed to carry some kind of magic. “Why did you turn off your cell phone? Don’t you remember that you can’t turn off your cell phone for 24 hours? ”

Fang Xiao was slightly stunned. Only then did Meng Meng remember that it was wrong of her to turn off her cell phone. No wonder the call lasted so long. It was actually a call from her financier.

“My phone is out of battery, ” she could not help but tell a little lie. Then Meng felt that something was wrong and quickly added, “I went to take a shower when I came back. I just came out of the shower and was about to charge my phone. ”

A low, inaudible chuckle came from the other side of the phone. However, it did not dispel her lie. Instead, it was a soft voice, “happy birthday, Xiao Xiao! ”

Happy Birthday Her tears finally rolled down uncontrollably. It turned out that he still remembered it. It turned out that he did not forget it. It turned out that he rushed to Huicheng to look for her to celebrate her birthday.

Although the dinner was only a Hong kong-style set meal, and even though she had paid for it, she felt very satisfied at this moment. Even the platinum chain in her hand no longer felt cold.

“thank you… ” her voice choked …

Thank You for remembering me, thank you for remembering this day, thank you for the bracelet, and thank you for saying ‘Happy Birthday! ‘ Just now