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Chapter 1748: Chapter 1748 diamonds were a woman’s best sister


Therefore, she used her hands to push away these things, wanting to get up and leave. However, his expression was obviously displeased, and he could not help but ask indifferently, “why, isn’t there anything you like? ”

She could not help but be shocked in her heart. She looked at the manager again and suddenly felt that if she did not jump into something, it seemed to be a slap to the face of his eastern president, and his face was so precious.

She finally sat down again, but she expressed to the manager that she was not interested in diamonds and let the platinum thing come up. The manager only felt surprised, but he still carried row after row of necks with different styles.

In the end, she chose a platinum bracelet with a diamond-shaped star pendant. The style was simple, but she liked the shape of the star. She felt that it was very similar to the star that he had folded with colored paper, so she fell in love with it at first sight.

That year in New Jersey, it was also today. He went to the supermarket to buy the glittering colored paper. In his small apartment, he clumsily folded it for a day, then used red silk threads to string it together to make a bracelet. After dinner, he took it out and put it on her wrist He took it out like a treasure and put it on her wrist.

“This is the Star I gave you, ” he said at that time. Then, he shamelessly stretched out his mouth and said, “well, give me a reward. ”

She actually liked the bracelet that he made by hand, so she kissed his thin lips and was about to leave, but he refused to let her go. He grabbed her, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her affectionately.

“Xiaoxiao, in the future, I will give you a real star, ” he promised in her ear.

Now, he was indeed going to give her a real star, but their identities had changed long ago. She knew that she did not even have the right to ask for a star.

The platinum chain was not expensive, only about 500 points. After making the order, she remembered that he had forgotten to bring his wallet when they had just eaten, so she hurriedly took out her wallet to pay for it herself.

She did not expect that he would roll his eyes at her, sign his name on the list sent by the manager, and then leave. Only then did she realize that he had signed the order when he went to these stores.

On the way back, it was very quiet. It was very quiet in the car. He did not speak, and she did not speak again. Only the newly bought chain was stuck to her wrist. The cold feeling made her feel a little uncomfortable.

The car quietly held a meeting in Jiangnan’s famous city. Fang Xiao thought that Dongfang Yunheng would get off the car and go upstairs with her. She did not expect him to put her at the gate of Jiangnan’s famous city, and then quickly drove away.

She slowly walked into Jiangnan’s famous city alone. Seat D was in the middle of the entire Garden, close to the fountain. The night wind was a little cold, so she could not help but pull her hat up.

Just as she walked into the lobby of the corridor in seat D, Her phone rang. She was slightly stunned for a moment, then took it out. It was actually an unfamiliar number. She hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she pressed the answer button as she walked towards the elevator.

Just as she put the phone to her ear, Qiu Yitang’s voice was heard. “Fang Xiao, it’s me. ”

She was obviously stunned. She did not expect him to call, so she said coldly, “director Qiu, what’s the matter? ”

“Fang Xiao, don’t call me that, okay? ” Qiu Yitang was obviously dissatisfied with her calling him director Qiu. Without waiting for Fang Xiao to answer, he quickly added, “Oh right, Fang Xiao, how’s your recovery? My Grandmother said she wants to see you. Our marriage… ”