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Chapter 1747: Chapter 1747: a Woman’s best sister


“Are you happy to know that someone can suppress me? ” He looked at her smug face and could not help but ask gloomily.

“No, I’m not. ” She refused to admit it. “Am I not hungry? Aren’t you hungry? ”

Hungry? WHO WOULDN’T BE HUNGRY? It was almost nine o’clock in the evening, and those who ate supper early had already started to eat supper. They had not even had breakfast yet.

The two of them entered a Hong kong-style restaurant next door. This restaurant mainly focused on Siu Mei. Fang Xiao was from the south and loved to eat roast goose when she was young, so she naturally ordered roast goose rice after sitting down.

The waitress very politely told her that there was no roast goose left. There were only roast meat, pork ribs, Roast Duck, salt-baked chicken, and so on. She asked her which one she wanted.

She then ordered roast pork ribs. Opposite her, Dongfang Yunheng ordered roast meat, and the two of them ordered stewed cups. Yun Heng asked for raw dragon bones, and she asked for pigeon soup.

Dinner was carried out in silence. Dongfang Yunheng’s phone rang twice. Fang Xiao heard him say in a gentle voice, “yes, I’m eating with a client outside. Sleep early. “.

Actually, she didn’t need to ask to know who the person who called him was. She just didn’t understand why he was treating her like this since he had such a good relationship with Gu Chenchen?

Maybe he just thought of her as a slave he bought with money, but he was used to being a gentleman. She shouldn’t let her imagination run wild, especially not think of him as the Xi Lingheng from five years ago.

With this thought, her heart that had been awakened gradually calmed down. She didn’t expect him to say in annoyance when he paid the bill, “Oh no, I forgot my wallet. ”

She was slightly stunned, and then she took out her wallet to pay the bill. Fortunately, the food was not expensive, and the two of them only ate less than 100 yuan.

After paying the bill, the night was just right, and there were actually stars tonight. This was really rare for a big city, so she did not have to look twice.

The two of them got into the car again. This time, his car was no longer crawling like a snail, but quickly drove toward Jiangnan famous city. When they passed by a shopping mall, he stopped the car again.

“This is nine blessings jewelry’s main store. Go in and pick something. ” When he was in a good car, he looked sideways at her on the passenger seat. When he saw that she was stunned, he could not help but frown slightly. “Get out of the car and go in and pick something. ”

Nine blessings jewelry was brightly lit. Of course, no matter how bright the lights were, they were not as bright as the semen treatment case that was placed in the counter.

The diamonds were brighter than the stars in the sky. They lay quietly on the black velvet like teardrops, so bright that it hurt people’s eyes.

Perhaps the manager knew him, but he actually came out personally and sent people to send a set of jewelry. The huge diamonds were inlaid on new necklaces, diamonds, or brooches It gave people the illusion that it was dazzling and ingenious.

Some people said that diamonds were a woman’s best sister, and the reason she could get to where she was today was because she happened to fall into the hands of a sister. As a result, she now avoided the word “sister” as if she was a fish.

Meanwhile, Dongfang Yunheng sat at the side, drinking the tea offered by the beautiful woman and looking at her leisurely. The meaning in his eyes was that as long as she took a fancy to it, it would be fine.

She originally did not want it, because such exquisite and expensive jewelry was usually bought by men either for their beloved or their lover.

As for her and Dongfang Yunheng, their current relationship didn’t seem to count for anything.