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Chapter 1745: Chapter 1745 who told you to run out for no reason


However, Fang Chen refused to take a taxi. He said that he liked to take the big bus because there were so many people on it. Fang Xiao coaxed him. The big bus had pulled too many people in the morning and was tired. Now that he was resting, he could only take the small bus.

Fang Chen pointed at the bus on the street and said that the big bus was not tired yet. Wasn’t it still running? There were so many people on the bus. He wanted to take the big bus.

Fang Xiao further explained to him that the big bus running was not going to his school. The big bus going to his school was already tired, so he could only take the small bus.

It was not easy to coax Fang Chen, but it was very difficult to get a taxi. The two of them waited for a long time at the entrance of the park, and finally a taxi got on.

When Fang Xiao sent Fang Chen back to school, it was already evening. Luo Qili saw her and said, “I thought you were going to have dinner with Fang Chen before coming back. Our school just opened for dinner. Do you want to eat before you leave? ”

Fang Xiao shook her head and said softly, “No, it’s already past five o’clock. I still have to rush to the long-distance bus station. The bus seems to be gone by seven o’clock. I can’t miss the last bus. ”

Luo Qili didn’t ask her to stay after hearing what she said. She only reminded her to be careful on the road and then reassured her that Fang Chen would be fine with her in the school.

Fang Xiao thanked Luo Qili and said goodbye to Fang Chen. Fang Chen couldn’t bear to part with her and refused to let go of her. She comforted him softly and promised to visit him again in two days. Only then did she coax him.

When she walked out of the special school, the streetlights outside were already on. She turned the corner and was ready to take the bus to the long-distance bus station

However, before she reached the bus stop, a car quietly stopped beside her. Then, the window rolled down and a slightly familiar voice sounded, “get in the car. ”

She stopped in her tracks and instinctively froze. She turned her head and looked at the car in front of her. It was obviously not the car she had driven before, but the maybach she had driven when she first met him at the entrance of the Royal Junjue nightclub.

Seeing that she was stunned, he could not help but frown. He could not help but shout impatiently, “I told you to get in the car, didn’t you hear me? ”

Only then did she come back to her senses. She hurriedly took two steps forward, pulled open the front passenger door, and got in. Just as she closed the door, he stepped on the accelerator, and the car silently drove away.

Fang Xiao sat quietly in her seat. Dongfang Yunheng’s car quickly drove toward the highway junction in the outskirts of Huicheng. It was obvious that he didn’t plan to stop in Huicheng, but was in a hurry to return to Binhai.

“Who told you to run out alone? ” After getting on the highway, he finally opened his mouth and looked at her from the side. His eyes were obviously filled with dissatisfaction. “I didn’t know that you had a miscarriage just now. It’s only been a few days? Don’t tell me you’ve completely recovered? ”

Fang Xiao bit her lips lightly and then carefully said, “I just happen to be free here, and it’s already been a week. I think there’s nothing else. Moreover… I’m afraid that I won’t have time to come back to accompany my younger brother when I go to work in the future. ”

Go to work in the future The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile that seemed to be mocking her. However, the night was thick, and they were on the highway. She happened to not have a side profile, so of course, she didn’t notice his mocking.

“You sleep for a while. I’ll call you when I get there. ” Dongfang Yunheng didn’t say anything more to her. He turned his face to look at her and said in a low voice, “press the button next to your seat. Lie Back and the seat can be put down. ”