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Chapter 1744: Chapter 1744 spending a day with my younger brother


Although Hui city was a third-tier city, of course, it couldn’t be compared to the first-tier City Binhai, but the city was still very prosperous, and there were still three or four mcdonald’s.

Fang Xiao took Fang Chen to a mcdonald’s in the West. Because this place was the closest to Fang Chen’s special school, they only needed to take five public bus stops to get there.

Fang Chen sat on the bus very excited, acting like a child. She was also very surprised by the tall buildings outside the window, and kept asking Fang Xiao very simple questions.

“Why is this building so tall? ”

“because it’s a tall building? Tall buildings are tall. ”

“What’s that with the lights on it? ”

“That’s a colored light. It looks good over there. ”

“What’s that white thing in that person’s hand? ”

“That’s cotton candy. ”

“Is cotton candy made from cotton? ”

“No, that’s made from white sugar. “.

… …

The conversation between the siblings attracted the attention of the passengers in the bus. Everyone’s gaze stopped on the two of them. When they realized that the person who asked the question was actually a tall and big boy, they immediately looked at Fang Chen as if he was a monster.

Although Fang Chen’s iq was about the same as a four-year-old child, he was still a little scared by everyone’s strange gazes. He could not help but point at those people He asked in a trembling voice, “sister, why are they looking at me like that? ”

Fang Xiao only felt uncomfortable. Of course, she knew who was treating Fang Chen as a fool, but she could not tell Fang Chen that.

Therefore, she patted Fang Chen’s shoulder and said softly to him, “that’s because they think Fang Chen is very handsome? Fang Chen is handsome. Do they all like to look at handsome guys? ”

“really? ” Fang Chen immediately smiled. The smile that was on his gloomy face just now instantly turned into a sunny smile. It just so happened that the bus stopped at the station, so they had arrived at their destination.

Fang Xiao held Fang Chen’s hand on the bus, but she secretly thought to herself that she would have to take a taxi instead of taking Fang Chen on the bus when they went back.

Because it was a Saturday and a holiday, there were a lot of people at mcdonald’s Today, so they couldn’t find a seat inside. Fang Xiao secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t want a seat because she was worried that the people would look at Fang Chen strangely later.

Fang Xiao bought two packages from mcdonald’s and packed them up. Then she took Fang Chen’s hand and went to the nearby Huicheng Park to play. There were a lot of people in the park today, but after all, there were not as many people as those people in the Plaza Mall.

Fang Xiao took her brother to sit on the stone bench in the park and ate mcdonald’s. Fang Chen was holding French fries in his hand and eating tomato sauce. His mouth was red from eating, but he was smiling so contentedly.

After eating lunch, the siblings played in the park again. Fang Xiao took him to ride the Trojan horse. Fang Chen was 172 centimeters tall. Sitting on the Trojan Horse, he smiled as brightly as a child.

“sister, have fun. ” Fang Chen waved at her and shouted, “sister, come and play too. Chen Chen wants to ride the wooden horse with sister! ”

Fang Xiao finally gave in to Fang Chen’s request. After the wooden horse stopped, she went over and sat on a smaller wooden horse beside Fang Chen. The siblings spun on the wooden horse and smiled. At that moment.. Fang Xiao really hoped that time could stay forever.

Of course, time could not stay, so she took Fang Xiao around the park. Gradually, Fang Chen was tired, so she held his hand and walked out of the park. Then, she hailed a taxi and was ready to send him back to school.