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Chapter 1743: Chapter 1743 was he really back


His large hands seemed to carry a warmth as he gently rubbed her lower abdomen. The faint pain in her lower abdomen gradually disappeared along with the warmth and was quickly replaced by incomparable comfort.

She slowly closed her eyes in the incomparably comfortable embrace and fell into a deep sleep again. …

When she woke up, it was already the next morning. There was no longer any sign of Xi Lingheng beside her. She could not help but use her hands to touch. The place where he lay last night was already cold.

She washed up and walked out of the room. There was already a thermal lunch box on the dining table. A note was pressed under the thermal lunch box. His elegant handwriting was displayed on the note.

“Xiaoxiao, I’m going to work. I’ll get up and eat breakfast. There will be a soup kitchen bringing chicken soup over at noon. Rest well and take care of yourself, Lingheng! ”

She gripped the note tightly in her hand, but tears could not help but roll down her face!

Lingheng, Xi Lingheng. Last night, was it really Xi Lingheng who came back?

He was not Dongfang Yunheng, but Xi Lingheng from New Jersey five years ago. He still remembered her and called her Xiaoxiao. Did he still remember his name, Lingheng?

She used her trembling hands to open the insulated lunch box. The inside was actually double-layered. The top layer was her favorite chencun powder, and the bottom layer was also her favorite steamed pork ribs.

She looked at the exquisite breakfast, her hands shaking as she held the chopsticks. She thought that he would take the opportunity to mock her, look down on her, and even take the opportunity to humiliate her. …

“Love is you and me, a life where our hearts are intertwined. Love is you and me, an unchanging promise in times of adversity… ” the sudden singing voice in the room woke Fang Xiao from her thoughts.

She was stunned for a moment before she reacted. The singing voice came from the bedroom. She instinctively walked towards the singing voice. When she walked to the bedside, she realized that the voice came from the bedside cabinet.

She pulled open the bedside cabinet. Sure enough, her phone was flashing and singing. She frowned slightly. Her phone’s ringtone was not like this. Why did it suddenly change to this tone today?

She pressed the answer button and Luo Qili’s voice came through. “Fang Xiao, the day after tomorrow is Saturday. Are you free? Fang Chen asked about you again today. He said that he wants you to take him to play. ”

Fang Xiao took a long-distance bus to Huicheng on Saturday morning. Because it was a holiday, she was afraid that many people wouldn’t be able to buy tickets for the first bus, so she got up early.

Dongfang Yunheng hadn’t come back since he left a note for her that morning. He hadn’t called her in the past two days, as if the gentle embrace and sleep that night was a dream.

The entire journey from Binhai to Huicheng only took more than two hours on the highway. Because Fang Xiao took the early bus, it was exactly 11 o’clock in the morning when she arrived at the special school in Huicheng.

Because she had been in contact with Luo Qili on the way, when she arrived, Luo Qili was already waiting for her with Fang Chen. When Fang Chen saw her, he immediately ran up to her happily and hugged her like a child hugging its mother.

Fang Chen had already grown into an adult and was taller than her. However, his Iq had always remained at the age of four, so he behaved like a four-year-old all day long.

Fang Xiao took Fang Chen’s hand and said goodbye to Luo Qili. Then, she took him to the bus. Because Fang Chen wanted to eat mcdonald’s, and Fang Xiao had promised him, she wanted to take him there today.