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Chapter 1740: Chapter 1740, take two


Fang Xiao naturally went back to her bedroom. She thought that he would not come in because there were two bedrooms here. A noble person like him would not, and would not, stay in the same room with her.

However, she did not expect that he would actually come in right after she laid down. Moreover, he sat down beside her bed. It was obvious that he wanted to go to bed and sleep with her.

She instinctively became nervous, and then said a little hurriedly, “well, it’s not convenient for me right now… look… ”

He rolled his eyes at her, raised his eyebrows, and said teasingly, “I didn’t expect your mind to be like that… did I say what I was going to do? ”

Her face was slightly embarrassed. It seemed that she was thinking too much, but he was a man. If he climbed onto her bed to sleep, how could she not think in that direction? What if he couldn’t hold it in… …

“I’m afraid that no one will massage your lower abdomen at night, ” he explained plainly to her. “The doctor said that you’re currently in the midst of uterine contraction, so massaging your lower abdomen more will help your uterus recover… ”

She immediately felt embarrassed and could not help but move her body towards him to make room for him. The bed was so wide and so big that even if she slept in the middle, there was enough space for him to sleep on the side. She just did not want to be next to him.

He pressed the light at the bedside and the room instantly turned pitch black. He lifted a corner of the blanket in the darkness and his entire body slowly slid in.

Fang Xiao clearly felt that the soft mattress had caved in. Her body could not help but tremble a little, and then the muscles all over her body instantly tensed up.

Although Dongfang Yunheng had just hugged her to watch a movie, hugging and sleeping on the same bed were two completely different things. This was the second time that she and he had slept on the same bed.

The first time was five years ago, or more accurately, more than four years ago. That was when she received a call from her parents in China, saying that there was an urgent matter at home and they wanted her to hurry home.

The next morning, she flew back to the country. The night before, she did not stay in the dormitory. Instead, she brought her luggage to the small apartment that Dongfang Yunheng rented because he was going to send her to the airport the next morning.

That night, Xi Lingheng went to a nearby supermarket to buy glutinous rice flour. He said that he wanted to make Tangyuan and that Tangyuan meant reunion. He hoped that she would come back to reunite with him as soon as possible after she returned to the country.

Actually, he did not know how to make Tangyuan, and neither did she. The two of them looked up how to make Tangyuan online. Then, they followed the steps described on the Internet. They mixed the glutinous rice flour with water and kneaded it with their hands.

The two of them put in a lot of effort and finally managed to knead the scattered glutinous rice flour into a ball. Then, they wrapped it up with much effort.

They clearly thought that it had already been wrapped into glutinous rice balls. At least, it still looked like glutinous rice balls on the outside. However, for some reason, when the glutinous rice balls were put into the pot to boil, they actually all scattered and then turned into a pot of stew.

Xi Lingheng was very depressed and kept nagging about how this could have happened She quickly comforted him, saying that glutinous rice balls were not easy to cook to begin with, and that they could not control the heat well either. It was probably something that had been cooked for a long time. Although it had scattered, it was still in the pot, wasn’t it It did not run away again?

Fortunately, it was still edible, so the two of them ate the pot of glutinous rice balls. Although it was not the expected glutinous rice balls, it was still something that the two of them had put in a lot of effort to make, and they ate very happily.