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Chapter 1739: Chapter 1739


What was even more unexpected was that he actually jumped down from the stage and directly took her hand, pulled her onto the stage, and put his arm around her to Sing: Oh Baby / you are the only one for me. . .

At that moment, everything was silent. At that moment, the crowd was boiling. At that moment, even the stars in the sky showed envious eyes at them.

She stood on the stage with him at the University of New Jersey. Under the cheers and applause of the crowd, he finished singing and just hugged her like that. His thin lips kissed her pink lips deeply.

Thinking of this, her eyes could not help but become moist. It was clearly such a long time ago, but when she thought of it, it seemed like it was still yesterday. He and she, it seemed like they were still in New Jersey?

“What’s wrong? Is the movie not good? ” Behind her, Dongfang Yunheng quickly felt her emotions fluctuate because her eyelashes blinked twice. There was clearly crystal clear liquid on them.

She shook her head and managed to calm her emotions with great difficulty. After a long while, she choked and said, “No, it’s very good, ah Gan… it’s really good. ”

He could not help but smile mockingly. Ah Gan was really nice. Ah Gan was not only nice, it was simply too good. It was so good that it made all the men and women in the world jealous.

But, he was also Ah Gan Didn’t she know He loved her like that. He loved her so much that he lost himself. He loved her so much that he could not breathe. But in the end..

How did she treat him She was even worse than Ah Gan’s girlfriend, Jenny!

She just sat in his arms. It was unknown if his legs were a little numb. He moved slightly behind her. She immediately stood up and said softly, “why don’t I sit next to you? ”

“No need. You can just sit in my arms. ” His voice was so gentle that it seemed to come from New Jersey. It was so soft and unreal.

After watching the movie two hours later, forrest gump was finally with Jenny. However, Jenny still went and left forrest gump with a child.

When forrest gump found Jenny, when Jenny told forrest gump that it was his child, even though the movie was very simple and didn’t even have any emotional appeal, Fang Xiao still couldn’t help but cry. She covered her mouth with her hand and cried silently.

Later, when Ah Gan and Jenny got married, when Jenny was finally going to leave Ah Gan, when Ah Gan muttered to himself in front of Jenny’s tombstone, and when a group of white pigeons flew up behind the tombstone… …

Fang Xiao could not help but think, many years later, if she also went, was there someone in front of her tombstone, and who was that person?

At that time, the Poor Xi Lingheng of New Jersey, would he still remember a girl called Fang Xiao?

He probably did not remember it Lin Shanshan said that he was about to get engaged, and his fianc��e was so beautiful and noble, and they were so well-matched together. …

“Do you want to watch another movie? ” Dongfang Yunheng asked her softly from behind. His hand was wrapped around her waist, neither loose nor tight, and he was holding her slender waist.

She was slightly stunned, and then she smiled and said softly, “as you wish. I’ll… do whatever you want. ”

She really wanted to say, how could I have the right to make decisions You are my employer and I am your slave. Even my employer, you have the right to help me do it, don’t you?

“then… rest. ” He thought for a moment, then put her down, turned off the DVD player with the remote control, got up, and walked to the bathroom …