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Chapter 1738: Chapter 1738 you are my one and only


Her personality had always been cheerful, and the lines of her face had always been gentle. It was as if at this moment, when she was unguarded, her beauty was naturally revealed.

Her long and curvy eyelashes were like a cattail leaf fan gently brushing along with the quivering of her eyes. They were also like butterfly wings gently trembling. In a flash, it woke up his originally frozen heart.

“Come here, ” he called her softly, then extended his hand to her, motioning for her to sit a little closer.

Fang Xiao glanced at him from the side. Perhaps it was because of the soft lighting, but at this moment, Dongfang Yunheng looked gentle and gentle. Even his usual cold and hard lines in the office were gone.

She hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she obediently sat over and tossed aside their relationship from five years ago. Even considering their relationship today, she was a slave and he was the financier. A slave did not have the right to reject a financier.

She had just walked to his side when he had already reached out to pick her up and placed her in front of him. He hugged her behind her, and her entire body leaned into his embrace.

Fang Xiao’s body tensed up almost instantly. He was right behind her. His head turned over from her shoulder and his chin rubbed against her shoulder. The warm breath sprayed onto her neck. It was warm and Itchy.

In the movie, Ah Gan had returned to the United States from Vietnam. He became a hero, a hero that everyone loved. There were people asking him to give speeches everywhere, and Jenny saw him during one of the speeches. Then..

In order for ah Gan to see her, Jenny jumped directly into the pool. Therefore, ah Gan ran down from the stage and directly jumped into the water to Hug Jenny. …

Fang Xiao could not help but remember that summer five years ago. In June, the sun was shining brightly in New Jersey. The Poor Xi Lingheng was already the most famous person in New Jersey University.

That day was actually a literary event at New Jersey University. Fang Xiao could not remember what the reason was for the literary event. She only remembered that she and Xi Lingheng had a mission in that event.

She actually did not have a performance because their club had a large-scale program. Jenny, Haaka, and the others did not know what to perform. It seemed that they could only sing in a chorus or dance in a group, and none of these were novel enough.

So she thought of the face-changing art in China. Of course, face-changing was a very difficult art. It was impossible for a foreigner to learn it all at once. Even she herself couldn’t do it.

But she was very smart. She drew a face mask for everyone and made them wear it on their heads. Then, one by one, they would appear and change positions, so that the Europeans and Americans could see the Chinese face-changing art.

She didn’t expect her idea to get everyone’s support, so with everyone’s cooperation, the school sponsored costumes, props, and so on. With her as the editor and director, face-changing actually succeeded in one go and won the first place in the literary and artistic event.

Xi Lingheng, on the other hand, performed a program. He Sang Wang Leehom’s “one and only” in Mandarin. He stood on the stage where the lights were blurred He sang affectionately: recently, I can’t breathe / even my own shadow / wants to find you / ohbaby / you are my one and only. …

He Sang it in Mandarin and then sang it again in English. The people below the stage were all glowing. She also clapped because she did not expect his singing to be so beautiful. It was almost comparable to a singer’s voice.