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Chapter 1737: Chapter 1737: Do you have any worries


“Forrest gump” was shot in the 1990s. In fact, it had already existed five years ago. She and Xi Lingheng had discussed buying a DVD to watch, but until they broke up, that wish had not come true.

Now, after five years, both their lives had taken a drastic turn, but she had not expected that he would actually play “forrest gump” in her studio, and she would actually have the honor of watching it with him.

The two of them watched the movie silently without a word. Fang Xiao couldn’t help but think that he wouldn’t let her watch the movie with him tonight, right?

In fact, it didn’t matter if she slept enough. Besides, she didn’t need to go to work tomorrow, and she could sleep during the day. The key was him. She didn’t know if he slept in the afternoon. If he didn’t sleep and stayed up all night watching the movie, he would still have to go to work tomorrow. Would he be able to hold on?

“I’m thirsty. Go get me a beer. ” Dongfang Yunheng’s lazy voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh. ” She immediately got up and walked out of the door. When she came to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door, she saw the neatly arranged beer. Without hesitation, she reached out and took a bottle.

However, she immediately put it back in her hand because it was so cold. It was already November, winter, and his beer was still perverted in the refrigerator. If she drank it like this, it would be strange if she could stand it.

Moreover, he still had stomach problems. She still remembered the woman who called a few days ago saying that he had stomach problems.

In the end, she turned around and walked out of the kitchen to the drinking fountain in the Living Room. She took his cup and poured him a cup of warm water.

“I want to drink. ” Seeing the cup she handed him, he was obviously unhappy. “Did you have a miscarriage and lose your hearing? You can’t hear human language, can you? ”

“It’s not good for your stomach to drink cold things at night. ” She put the Cup of warm water on the coffee table in front of him. “let alone cold wine? Besides, you just said that you were thirsty, but you didn’t say that you were addicted to alcohol. When you’re thirsty, you should drink water instead of alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t quench your thirst. ”

“But alcohol can relieve your worries, ” he instinctively argued with her.

“Do you have any worries to relieve? ” She Sat Down Beside the SOFA and ignored him.

He immediately fell silent. He didn’t.

No, even if he did, he couldn’t show it in front of her. What he wanted to show in front of her was how happy he was and how happy he was.

Therefore, he silently picked up the cup of slightly hot water and slowly drank it.

Because there was some soup in the water, it didn’t drink quickly. It was rare for him to be so patient. He drank it bit by bit until the Cup became lower. Finally, he felt less thirsty.

Putting down the glass in his hand, on the screen, AH GAN was already running with Abu on her back in the rain of bullets. The director once again used such a shocking method to exaggerate ah Gan’s stupidity and persistence.

He could not help but turn his head around. The woman beside him was focused on watching the movie. Her Pale face looked a little hazy under the soft and dim light. Perhaps it was because she had just suffered a severe miscarriage, but at this moment.. Her face no longer had the cold lines that she had pretended to have in the office during the day. Instead, it was a gentle glow.

He knew that she was beautiful. Five years ago, in New Jersey, on a sunny summer day or a snowy winter day, whether her skin was tanned or wheat-colored, or simply the color of her original skin.. He thought that she was beautiful beyond compare.