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Chapter 1736: Chapter 1736 financial backer and slave


After going to the toilet, she washed up with warm water and came out. As soon as she opened the door, she smelled a strong smell of chicken soup. She couldn’t help but sniff it.

“YOU’RE UP? ” Yun Heng, who was smoking on the balcony, heard the door open. He quickly put out the half-smoked cigarette and walked in. He pointed at the dining table and said, “I think the chicken soup from the stewing soup restaurant is okay. Hurry up and drink it. ”

“thank you. ” Fang Xiao lowered her head. She didn’t expect him to treat her so well. She thought that, in fact, he could take the opportunity to humiliate her.

The corner of Dongfang Yunheng’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t say anything. In fact, he didn’t do anything. Whether it was food, dishes, or soup, they were all sent from outside. The only thing he did was to fork out some money, and the only thing he didn’t lack now was money.

The two of them ate silently at the dining table. Perhaps it was because they didn’t go to work today, so there wasn’t much to talk about. Therefore, throughout the meal, the two of them barely said a word.

Because they were all sent from outside restaurants, they were all packed in boxes. After eating, they could just throw the boxes away, which was very convenient. They didn’t even need to wash the bowls and chopsticks.

Dongfang Yunheng ate fast, so while Fang Xiao was still slowly drinking the chicken soup, he had already gone to the bathroom to take a shower. When she finished eating and tidied up the dining table and returned to her room, Dongfang Yunheng was already rummaging through the DVD room.

“What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and take a shower. After you shower, come and watch a movie with me. ” Yun Heng was wearing pajamas. He looked up at her, then lowered his head to look through the pile of discs.

Fang Xiao didn’t dare to be negligent. She quickly went to the cloakroom to rummage through the pajamas. Because of the miscarriage, she couldn’t choose a nightgown. Fortunately, there were still pajamas here.

By the time she came out of the shower, there was already a sound coming from the video studio. She hesitated for a moment and walked in. He was lying on the SOFA watching an unknown European film.

There was only one sofa in the video studio. It felt spacious for two people to sit on it, but he was lying down alone. Moreover, his legs were tall and long, so he occupied the armguards on both sides of the SOFA. She did not even have a place to sit.

“I don’t want to watch it. ” She stood behind the SOFA and said softly, “I want to rest early. I did not sleep well in the hospital ward last night. ”

“Didn’t you sleep the whole afternoon today? ”Hee rolled his eyes at her, took off his legs, and finally sat up straight.Hee pointed to the seat beside him. Sitt down and watch the movie with me. ”

Fang Xiao didn’t dare to refuse anymore. After all, he was the patron. which slave had ever dared to go against his master?

When Fang Xiao sat down, the movie had already been on for more than ten minutes, so she didn’t know what kind of movie it was. She only saw a man sitting on the bus stop, telling the people waiting for the bus about his past experiences.

She finally understood after watching it for a full five minutes. So this was forrest gump. The silly man in it was forrest gump, who had an Iq of less than 80.

She had read the novel forrest gump five years ago. At that time, she had read it in the New Jersey School Library. After reading it, she was greatly moved. When she went back, she even told Xi Lingheng that forrest gump was the most worthy man in the world to marry.

At that time, Xi Lingheng said, “silly, actually every man can be forrest gump. The key is whether he has the chance to meet his Jenny. ”