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Chapter 1734: Chapter 1734: a handful of water lilies


Because this nurse had only come to pick up the day shift this morning and had never seen Qiu Yitang, and Du Caiwei, who was next door, had gone away last night, she had asked this question.

“No, ” Fang Xiao immediately answered with certainty, and then added, “please ask someone to send him out. I need to rest, he is here to disturb my rest. ”

Thus, the nurse very politely made an inviting gesture to Qiu Yitang. “Sir, please. Since our patient needs to rest, she doesn’t welcome you, so you’d better leave quickly. ”

Qiu Yitang was so angry that his face turned green. He didn’t expect to receive such treatment from Fang Xiao. Last night, when he was transferring du Caiwei to another hospital, he had seen Zheng Zihao guarding Fang Xiao’s ward.

For some reason, he found that Zheng Zihao felt particularly uncomfortable with Fang Xiao. An unconvinced feeling quickly surged up in his heart. In an instant, he thought, Fang Xiao is my fianc��e.. I can’t let other men peep at her.

Actually, grandma had been asking him about Fang Xiao’s whereabouts. He always found an excuse to say that he didn’t know. Then, he tried to persuade grandma to accept Du Caiwei because Du Caiwei was already pregnant with his child.

However, grandma’s thoughts were very feudal. She didn’t like Cai Wei and even said that Cai Wei was a mistress. She insisted that he bring Fang Xiao back.

In the past, because he didn’t want to have anything to do with Fang Xiao, he felt that Cai Wei’s revenge had been taken, so he didn’t go to Fang Xiao. However, now that Fang Xiao had appeared in his sight.. Should he consider grandma’s suggestion?

Fang Xiao originally planned to be discharged on the third day, but Qiu Yitang came in the morning and completely disrupted her plans. She felt that she had to be discharged early.

Originally, she was only staying in the hospital for observation, but she felt that there was no need for observation. So after Qiu Yitang left, she immediately called Wu Jianping and told him that she wanted to be discharged.

Actually, she could have gone through the discharge procedures herself, but her bag was taken away by Wu Jianping. She didn’t have any money on her, so she didn’t leave the hospital herself.

She had called Wu Jianping, but it was Dongfang Yunheng who came in the end. He brought her some new clothes. Because it was November, even the weather in the south was a little cold He even bought her a thin windbreaker.

Of course, what made her most happy was not the clothes, but the fact that he brought her a bunch of water lilies, which made the entire ward emit a faint fragrance.

She remembered that the water lilies were not sold as bouquets in a flower shop. She didn’t know where he brought them from, and the flowers were hung with dew drops.

After getting into the car, she touched the water lilies to her nose and sniffed them. She turned to look at him, who was driving, and asked softly, “this, I don’t think the flower shop bought it, right? ”

She remembered that very few flower shops used water lilies as a bouquet. Even if they did, it was probably reserved by a customer. Moreover, it was not allowed to break off the branches and leaves like this.

Also, the flowers in the flower shop liked to be wrapped in cellophane. However, this bunch of water lilies was just casually tied together with a thin red rope without any processing.

Looking at this bunch of water lilies, she could not help but remember the water lilies in the small fish pond in front of her family’s courtyard when she was young. In fact, the fish pond was very small and there were not many water lilies. Usually, there were only a few of them, but she liked to see them the most.