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Chapter 1733: Chapter 1733. Why didn’t I see it before


Qiu Yitang paused for a moment before adding, “I’ll get someone to move all her things out today and restore the West Mountain Villa to its original state. You can go back to the West Mountain Villa after you’re discharged from the hospital. ”

“Hehe, so young master Qiu’s heart is actually so good. Why didn’t I see it before? ” A mocking smile quickly surfaced on Fang Xiao’s face Then, she said mockingly, “I think young master Qiu knows the reason why I’m hospitalized this time, right? As my fianc��, doesn’t young Master Qiu find it strange? ”

Qiu Yitang was stunned by instinct. He looked at Fang Xiao’s mocking face and felt a little suffocated in his heart. He pondered for a moment Then, he clenched his teeth and said, “alright, Fang Xiao, those things are all in the past. From now on, I won’t let such things happen again. ”

“Such things? ” Fang Xiao raised her head and looked at Qiu Shaotang. Her ice-cold eyes hit Qiu Shaotang’s face like an ice blade Then, she persisted and asked, “what kind of things do young master Qiu mean by such things? Can Young Master Qiu explain? ”

“Yes… ” Qiu Shaotang looked at Fang Xiao’s ice-cold face and opened her lips twice, but in the end, she didn’t continue …

“Can I understand that you won’t let me have the so-called pornographic photos again? Or, you won’t let me have the so-called abortion again? ”

Although Fang Xiao’s voice was still extremely cold when he asked this, there was already a faint smile on his face, but that smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

Qiu Shaotang’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. Because Fang Xiao’s question was so sharp, he couldn’t answer such a question, and he didn’t know how to answer it.

“Mr. Qiu, if you have nothing else to do, please go back quickly. ” Fang Xiao closed her eyes slightly when she saw that he was silent for a long time Then she said faintly, “you are the big CEO. You can arrange your time however you want, but I’m a part-time worker. I have to go to work when I get out of the hospital tomorrow. Could you please not delay my work time, Mr. Qiu? ”

“then… you should rest first. ” Qiu Shaotang finally came back to his senses. Then, he pointed at the lunch box on the coffee table and said with a slightly hoarse voice, “well, the soup dumplings were bought fresh in the morning. You should eat them when you have time. ”

“Mr. Qiu, I have already said that I am a timid person. ” Fang Xiao immediately rejected him Then, she said coldly, “if I remember correctly, the woman Mr. Qiu loves lives next door. You should bring her over to eat. Maybe she will be happy and help you have a child in two months. ”

Qiu Shaotang’s face instantly turned white. He looked at Fang Xiao and said irritably, “well, Cai Wei was transferred to the hospital in Huicheng last night. You will be discharged tomorrow. I will come to pick you up tomorrow and bring you back to the West Mountain villa. Then… ”

“there is no ‘then’ between us. I have my own things to do. ” Fang Xiao quickly cut off Qiu Yitang’s words Then, with a cold face, she ordered him to leave. “Young Master Qiu, can you please leave? This is the ward. I want to rest. If you still don’t leave, I will call the nurse and security. ”

Qiu Shaotang did not expect Fang Xiao to be so disrespectful to him. He was about to open his mouth to refute Fang Xiao, but the nurse pushed the door open and came in. She looked at him and frowned He could not help but ask coldly, “Fang Xiao, is this your family member? Why are you making so much noise here early in the morning? ”