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Chapter 1730: Chapter 1730: Awkward Moments


Dongfang Yunheng felt his throat dry and itchy when he saw how embarrassed she was. Although he had spent 500,000 yuan to buy her since he met her, this was the first time he had seen her with such a feminine side It made his heart skip a beat.

“What exactly do you want to buy? Can’t I just go and buy it for you? ” Dongfang Yunheng saw that she was still biting her lips and standing there. He had recovered his emotions, and his face immediately darkened. He asked impatiently.

“I. . . I’ll go alone. ” Fang Xiao was so bitter that she was about to cry. She lowered her head and did not dare to look at Dongfang Yunheng. She only said in a pleading voice, “president, you… go back. I’m fine. I don’t need anyone to take care of me. ”

Dongfang Yunheng looked at her with some confusion. What was wrong with this woman, Fang Xiao She had just had an abortion. She should rest. Moreover, he was only going to buy some things for her.

When Fang Xiao saw that Dongfang Yunheng was not leaving and was staring at her, she lowered her head even more. At this moment, she really wished that a crack would suddenly appear on the floor so that she could crawl into it and never come out again.

Dongfang Yunheng saw her awkward look and thought that she had just had an abortion. He immediately understood and could not help but feel awkward as well.

“Alright, hurry up and go to bed to rest. Your body is weak and you can’t walk around casually. I’ll go and buy the things for you now. ” After saying this, Yun Heng quickly turned around and walked towards the door.

“this… isn’t good. ” Fang Xiao was so ashamed that she was about to cry. “I think… It’s better for me to go by myself. ”

Yun Heng had already walked to the door of the ward. When he heard her say that, he turned back to look at her. Then, he said nonchalantly, “what’s not good about it? Isn’t it just shopping? I’ll be back soon. ”

Fang Xiao waited for Dongfang Yunheng to leave before she quickly took the hospital gown and walked into the bathroom. She went to the toilet and quickly changed her clothes. However, because her underwear was soaked, she was only wearing a hospital gown now. She reckoned that it would be dirty very soon.

She was extremely distressed, but there was nothing she could do. Fortunately, there was a roll of tissue in the bathroom. It was probably left behind by the previous patient. At this moment, she could not care less. She immediately pulled down almost half of the tissue and folded it into a long strip as long as a sanitary pad Then, she pulled the pants of the hospital gown up tightly, trying to make the tissue stick to her lower body as closely as possible.

After doing all this, she carefully came out of the bathroom and walked step by step to the chair beside the coffee table. Every step was like stepping on the tip of a knife, because if she was not careful, the emergency toilet paper would fall out of her pants.

She was indeed hungry, and it was the fast food she had for lunch. At this moment, there was a pot of hot, fragrant porridge on the coffee table. She could not care less whether Dongfang Yunheng’s pot of porridge was a great irony to her Instead, she quickly opened the earthen Jar and took a spoon to bring out the porridge to eat.

She had eaten less than half of the pot of porridge when Dongfang Yunheng came back. He was carrying a shopping bag full of porridge in his hand. Seeing that she was eating porridge, he immediately put the shopping bag on the seat beside her.

“Go and change into it after eating the porridge. ” His voice was very soft, but his face was slightly red. Then he said in a low voice, “I just told the nurses at the nurses’ station to get another set of clean bedding for you to change into. ”