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Chapter 1727: Chapter 1727’why am I here? ‘


Her memory stopped at the time of the anesthetic. She heard the doctor order the nurse, “give her the anesthetic. It’s the type of general anesthetic. Her fianc�� said that she’s afraid of pain. ”

She didn’t know why, but her nose suddenly felt sore. Her eyes were stinging, but she gritted her teeth and didn’t let the warm liquid in her eyes roll down.

Then, the anesthetic needle pierced into her flesh. Then, she felt that her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. Then, she slowly fell asleep.

She actually slept for quite some time. When she woke up from her deep sleep and opened her eyes again, she suddenly realized that this was not the room of Dongfang Yunheng from Jiangnan famous city, because the rooms here were all white.

The white walls, the white quilt, and the pillow. She turned her head slightly in puzzlement and found that this bed seemed to be somewhat different from the beds in Jiangnan famous city. What was even stranger was that there was actually a hanging bottle hanging at the head of the bed.

She looked down from the tube of the hanging bottle and realized that the tube went all the way to the back of her hand. There was still a needle on the back of her hand, and this needle had obviously pierced into her blood vessels.

She finally woke up completely. She blinked her eyes twice and then paid attention to everything in the room price. She was shocked to find that this was a single ward, and there was a simple chair in the ward At this moment, there was a person sitting on the chair.

And this person was actually her former high school alumnus: Zheng Zihao!

“Zihao, ” Fang Xiao could not help but call out to him. She used her hand to support herself on the edge of the bed and sat up. Then she asked softly, “um… why am I here? ”

“You’re awake? ” Zheng Zihao quickly walked over. Seeing that she had already sat up, he immediately helped her to pick up the pillow and put it behind her. “It’s more comfortable to lean on like this. ”

“I… Why am I in the hospital? ” Fang Xiao was still a little confused. Even if she had a miscarriage, there was no need to be in the hospital. She remembered that in the past, when Luo Qili went to the hospital for an abortion, she would leave after resting for two hours …

“this… the doctor said that your situation is a little special. ” Zheng Zihao pondered for a moment Then, he quietly comforted her, “well, it’s actually not a big deal. It’s just that you bled a little too much at that time. Wouldn’t it be better to rest in the hospital for three to five days? ”

“Rest? ” The corner of Fang Xiao’s mouth pulled into a bitter smile. Could she afford to rest So, she said faintly, “I still have to work tomorrow. Well, Zihao, help me go to the hospital to go through the discharge procedures. I don’t know how much the surgery just cost. When I go back… ”

“What relationship do we have? Why are you still asking me for money? Besides, I didn’t pay for that money. ” Zheng Zihao glared at her Then, he quickly said, “you’re already like this. Can you go to work tomorrow? Yun Heng just left. He already knows about your miscarriage. I think he will give you a holiday. ”

Dongfang Yunheng came Her head instinctively exploded. Then, was the Gu family’s banquet already over And he didn’t accompany his Miss Gu Chenchen?

Coincidentally, a nurse came in to take her temperature. When she saw that she was awake, she immediately asked if she felt uncomfortable anywhere?

Her face turned slightly red. Then, she softly said, “I just feel a faint pain in my lower abdomen. That’s all. ”

Of course, it wasn’t just her lower abdomen that was hurting. In fact, she felt that her pants were completely wet. No, it should be her entire buttocks that were wet. She guessed that the bedsheets were probably wet, but Zheng Zihao was here.. She was too embarrassed to tell the nurse about these things.