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Chapter 1726: Chapter 1726 could only be aborted


Moreover, he already regretted this matter, especially after he had just learned that it would be very difficult for Fang Xiao to get pregnant. He regretted it so much that his intestines turned green.

He hated Fang Xiao because she had once treated Cai Wei like that. He only wanted to use the same method to take revenge for Cai Wei, but he did not think that he would bring her to such a state.

The three of them followed the nurse and sent Fang Xiao to the gynecology department’s Inpatient Department on the sixth floor. Fang Xiao’s ward happened to be next to Du Caiwei’s ward. When the nurse saw Qiu Yitang, she immediately called for him.

“Du Caiwei’s family, Miss Du has been crying out in pain. She’s been looking for you for a long time. ” The nurse glared at Qiu Yitang. Men Nowadays really didn’t know what to do with such a woman Wasn’t it tiring to be busy with this and that?

Qiu Yitang’s face was gloomy. At this moment, he seemed to have become a rat that everyone wanted to beat up. However, in the conscience of heaven and earth, he didn’t want things to go to this extent.

Seeing that Zheng Zihao and Dongfang Yunheng had already followed the nurse and pushed Fang Xiao into the ward next door, he hesitated for a moment before walking into du Caiwei’s ward.

When du Caiwei saw Qiu Yitang enter, she immediately threw herself into his arms and sobbed as she complained, “Yitang… our child… Yitang… Fang Xiao… she killed our child… ”

Qiu Yitang used his hand to stroke her head and said a little irritably, “you just had a miscarriage, you should rest well. It’s fine if the child is gone, but can you cry back? ”

Hearing Qiu Yitang’s words, Du Caiwei secretly raised her head to look at him. Seeing his gloomy face, she immediately stopped crying, but in her heart, she was guessing what he was thinking about.

Fang Xiao did not know how long she had been asleep. In short, it was as if she had fallen into a bottomless darkness. She only felt that there was a pain in her body that was pulling her, and that pain was pulling at her nerves And that nerve had inexplicably traveled to the bottom of her heart. Then, it spread from the blood vessels in the bottom of her heart to her entire body, all the way to her limbs and bones.

She was really confused. She did not even know that she was pregnant. It was not until she was pushed and bleeding to the hospital that she realized that a seed was sprouting in her stomach.

When she woke up from the coma, the doctor told her that there were signs of miscarriage. He said that her fianc�� let her have an abortion, so he asked her what she wanted. Was it to preserve the pregnancy or to have an abortion?

At that time, she was shocked. Her fianc�� let her have an abortion, and she finally realized that it should be Qiu Yitang.

She remembered that she was slapped by Qiu Yitang at the bottom of the stairs. Then, Qiu Yitang seemed to scold her. Then, she could not remember how she came to the hospital. She vaguely felt that the person should not be Qiu Yitang Because he could not even care about the woman he loved, Du Caiwei.

She was bleeding. The doctor asked her what she thought. She pondered for a long time, but she did not make any decision. Because this was the child of a stranger, but it was also her child.

That night, she was indeed drunk and confused, but she still vaguely remembered that the strange man was so handsome, as if he had flown over from New Jersey.

She knew that it was an illusion because of the drug control. The strange man could not be him, and it could not be him. She knew this very well.

Just as she was debating whether or not to save the baby, the doctor said that her blood could not be stopped, so she could not save the baby, and she had to have a miscarriage.