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Chapter 1725: Chapter 1725: whose child is it


He had asked Wu Jianping to investigate Fang Xiao after he saw her at the entrance of the Royal Junjue Hotel. He knew that she had been abandoned by Qiu Yitang on the day of the wedding because of the pornographic photos. However, the Qiu family did not seem to have announced the annulment of the engagement.

And tonight, at the Gu family’s family banquet, Qiu Yitang had publicly said that Fang Xiao was his fianc��e. From this, it could be seen that the Qiu family did not abandon Fang Xiao, even though Qiu Yitang had another woman outside.

Fang Xiao was Qiu Yitang’s fianc��e. Although Fang Xiao had not gone through any affairs before the wedding, after she was abandoned by Qiu Yitang, she could not help but look for Qiu Yitang when she dealt with the funeral matters of the Fang family.

He trusted Fang Xiao’s character, but the key was that Qiu Yitang’s character as a scumbag made him have no trust at all. And the child in Fang Xiao’s belly… …

Before Dongfang Yunheng could sort out his thoughts, the door of the emergency room was pushed open. The nurse pushed Fang Xiao out. The three men were stunned for a moment, then they surrounded Fang Xiao at the same time.

“Who’s going to go through the hospitalization procedures? ” The doctor handed over the receipt in his hand. Dongfang Yunheng immediately reached out and caught it. He turned around and handed it to Wu Jianping who had followed him in.

“Doctor, is she alright now? ” Yun Heng looked at Fang Xiao, whose face was as Pale as a sheet of paper. His heart ached as if it had been pulled by a saw.

“What do you mean she’s fine? ” The doctor glared at Qiu Yitang Then, he said in a bad mood, “I don’t know which one of you is the real family member, but I still have to tell you that her health is not good. She’s too weak. She just bled out a lot. In the future, the chances of her getting pregnant will be very low. ”

What The three men were shocked. They widened their eyes and looked at the female doctor. Everyone wondered if they had heard wrongly.

“I really didn’t know that Fang Xiao was pregnant, ” Qiu Yitang muttered to himself. No one knew who he was explaining to. “If I knew that she was pregnant, I would never… ”

If he knew that Fang Xiao was pregnant, he would definitely not let Fang Xiao be knocked down by him and fall down the stairs and have a miscarriage.

He would definitely bring her to the hospital as soon as possible and arrange for the best obstetrician and gynecologist to perform an abortion on her. No matter what, he could not let her leave behind a side effect that was very difficult to get pregnant.

Because Qiu Yitang said that he would never say those three words, and he did not continue Therefore, Zheng Zihao could not help but ask sarcastically, “you would never what Never let the woman outside of you meet Fang Xiao face-to-face You would not wave your hand and hit Fang Xiao at that time Because no matter what, Fang Xiao is carrying your child in her belly You are not an animal to the point of attacking Your Own Child?”

Fang Xiao is carrying Qiu Yitang’s child in her belly Dongfang Yunheng’s heart immediately thumped. Could it be that before he came, Qiu Yitang had said so?

Qiu Yitang did not say another word. He had just suffered a loss from Zheng Zihao, and now Fang Xiao’s boss, Dongfang Yunheng, was here. Dongfang Yunheng and Zheng Zihao seemed to have a good relationship. If these two men worked together.. He was definitely not their match.

Most importantly, he did not dare to deny that the child in Fang Xiao’s stomach was not his. If he said it was not, then Zheng Zihao would definitely ask, you are Fang Xiao’s fianc��. If the child is not yours, then whose is it?

Then how would he answer Say that the child is someone else’s But who is the person outside Zheng Zihao said that he and Fang Xiao’s former classmates. If he were to stand up for his old classmate Fang Xiao and investigate the incident two months before the wedding, then the matter of him and Du Caiwei Scheming to frame Fang Xiao would definitely be exposed.