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Chapter 1724: Chapter 1724 — who can prove it


“Zheng Zihao, what right do you have to hit me? ” Qiu Yitang’s hand held onto a pillar as he stood steadily. He was very dissatisfied with Zheng Zihao’s sudden attack on him. His hands instantly clenched into fists as he glared at Zheng Zihao, meaning that if he dared to attack again.. He would definitely return it.

“Zihao, what’s going on? ” Dongfang Yunheng just happened to run in. When he saw that Zheng Zihao was holding Qiu Yitang’s fist, he could not help but quickly ask, “what’s going on? Why did you fight young Master Qiu? ”

“because he’s an animal. I want to beat him to death. ” Zheng Zihao, who was in a rage, signaled Dongfang Yunheng to stand aside and not stop him. He wanted to give the man who bullied Fang Xiao a good beating tonight.

“Zihao, what’s going on? Can’t you clarify the matter first? ” Dongfang Yunheng immediately glared at Zheng Zihao and immediately acted like a boss. “Is the entrance to the emergency room a place for fighting? ”

“Fang Xiao had a miscarriage. ” Zheng Zihao’s anger suddenly rose again when he said this He pointed at Qiu Yitang and said angrily, “moreover, it was this man who pushed her to have a miscarriage. The most hateful thing is that this man still has the face to say that he is Fang Xiao’s fianc��, but he brought another woman to attend the Gu family’s banquet. For the sake of the wild woman outside him, he actually didn’t even care about the child in Fang Xiao’s belly. If you say that he isn’t an animal, then what is? ”

Miscarriage Dongfang Yunheng was instinctively stunned. Fang Xiao was pregnant, why didn’t he know?

Two days ago, he saw her throw up, and she was throwing up very badly. At that time, he thought that she was throwing up because of the memories of eating hamburgers and drinking coke, and also because she was disgusted by the smell of the perfume in his car.

He did not even dream that Fang Xiao might be pregnant, because she usually behaved very normally in the company, and he did not see any signs of pregnancy.

Fang Xiao had a miscarriage, then whose child was this Could it be… … …

“It was Fang Xiao who pushed Cai wei down the stairs first. At that time, Cai Wei lost a lot of blood. ” Qiu Yitang saw Dongfang Yunheng’s gloomy face Therefore, he instinctively defended himself, “at that time, the situation was too critical, and Fang Xiao ran down again. I mistakenly thought that she still wanted to attack Cai Wei, so I slapped her in desperation. However, I did not expect that slap to actually hit her down the stairs, and I also did not expect that she was actually pregnant. ”

“You mean, if Fang Xiao wasn’t pregnant, you should slap her? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s face was dark, and his cold voice was low and deep.

“She pushed Cai Wei down first, and the child in Cai Wei’s belly was also aborted, wasn’t it? ” Qiu Yitang said righteously It seemed that even if the child in Fang Xiao’s belly died, it was only a life-exchange with the child in DU CAIWEI’s belly.

“Even if the child in DU CAIWEI’s belly was aborted, you still don’t have the right to abort the child in Fang Xiao’s belly, do you? ” Yun Heng’s face was still cold A pair of sharp eyes landed on Qiu Yitang’s face. “Who can prove that Fang Xiao Pushed du Caiwei down? Did you see it with your own eyes? ”

“Fang Xiao is my fianc��e. I don’t have the right to have the child in her belly. Do you have the right? ” Qiu Yitang immediately put on the airs of Fang Xiao as her fianc��.

Dongfang Yunheng was immediately unable to answer Qiu Yitang’s question. Only then did he remember the relationship between Fang Xiao and Qiu Yitang.