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Chapter 1723: Chapter 1723: Fang Xiao Fainted


“Fang Xiao fainted and was sent to the hospital by second young master Zheng, ” Wu Jianping reported truthfully.

Dongfang Yunheng was shocked and could not help but ask, “what happened to her? Why did she faint? ”

“I don’t know, ” Wu Jianping lowered his head and answered truthfully. He did not enter the banquet hall, so how could he possibly know the reason for Fang Xiao’s coma?

“Chenchen, go back with your mother first. I need to go to the hospital to see Fang Xiao, ” Dongfang Yunheng immediately said to Gu Chenchen who was beside him.

Gu Chenchen did not expect Dongfang Yunheng to immediately ignore her when he heard that Fang Xiao was unconscious. Of course, he felt extremely uncomfortable, but he did not show it on his face.

“Since Fang Xiao is unconscious, I will go with you to see her, ” Gu Chenchen immediately said to Yun Heng with great consideration. “after all, she is going to serve US tonight… ”

“No need, ” Dongfang Yunheng said with a slight annoyance. Seeing that she was stunned, he immediately understood. His tone seemed to be a little stiff Thus, he quickly said, “it’s late. Don’t you have a fashion show tomorrow night? Go back quickly. Rest well tomorrow night and you’ll be full of energy. ”

Gu Chenchen had always been sensible. Since Dongfang Yunheng had already found an excuse for her to go along with him, if she still did not know her place and insisted on going, she would probably not give Dongfang Yunheng face.

“Then I’ll get my cousin to send me back later. ” Gu Chenchen immediately nodded meekly. She hugged Dongfang Yunheng and kissed him on the cheek She gently reminded him, “Fang Xiao, if you have nothing else to do, hurry back and rest early. Don’t always stay up late. It will be too tiring. ”

Dongfang Yunheng nodded. He didn’t have time to talk to Gu Chenchen anymore. He let go of her and immediately turned around. He opened the car door and got into the car. The moment the car door closed, Wu Jianping had already quickly driven the car out.

Gu Chenchen looked at the car that had disappeared in the middle of the night. Her face quickly darkened, and her hands couldn’t help but clench into fists under her sleeves.

It seemed that she could not continue to stand idly by. She had to seize the time to do two things. One was to pressure the Qiu family to let Qiu Yitang and Fang Xiao get married.

The other was to let Auntie and Mrs. Dongfang beat around the Bush and urge her and Dongfang Yunheng to get married. Not to mention getting married, at least the engagement had to be carried out as soon as possible.

It seemed that she had to let her mother go to the Qiu family in Hui city tonight. According to what she knew, Mrs. Qiu seemed to like Fang Xiao very much. As long as Mrs. Qiu nodded, Qiu Yitang could not refuse to get married.

“Do you know which hospital? ” Dongfang Yunheng turned to look at Wu Jianping, who was driving. Seeing that he only cared about driving, he could not help but ask again.

“I don’t know, ” Wu Jianping said truthfully. “I tried to call Fang Xiao, but there was no answer. I don’t have Zheng’s cell phone number. I wanted to ask Zheng, but his cell phone was not in the service area. ”

After saying this, Wu Jianping had already turned the car to the nearby hospital. Then he added, “I guess it should be sent to the nearby hospital. After all, Fang Xiao is unconscious. ”

At the entrance of the emergency room, Zheng Zihao punched Qiu Yitang hard. Because of his anger, Zheng Zihao used all his strength, and Qiu Yitang happened to be defenseless. Therefore, Zheng Zihao’s punch forced Qiu Yitang to take a few steps back before he could stabilize himself.