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Chapter 1722: Chapter 1722 the child can not be saved


Zheng Zihao paused for a moment. Then, he grabbed the bill in Qiu Yitang’s hand and looked at him with a warning look. “Remember, it’s anyone! ”

Qiu Yitang was about to chase after him and snatch the bill back when the emergency room pulled it open. Then, the nurse pushed Du Caiwei, who had just had an abortion, out.

“The operation was very successful, but because of the relatively large pregnancy period, it’s better to stay in the hospital for three days. ” As the nurse spoke, she pushed the movable bed towards the inpatient department At the same time, she handed the inpatient notification to Qiu Yitang. “Hurry up and go through the inpatient procedures. ”

Qiu Yitang nodded. After receiving the receipt, he walked towards the inpatient registration window. Just as he took a few steps, he heard the doctor at the entrance of the emergency room shouting, “Fang Xiao’s family member, hurry over. The child can not be saved. We have to perform an abortion. ”

Qiu Yitang instinctively stopped for a moment. Then, he turned around and walked towards the entrance of the emergency room. He looked at the doctor and took the surgery receipt from her hand. As he signed it, he said, “please help her perform a painless surgery. She is afraid of pain. ”

The doctor rolled his eyes at him and said coldly, “you knew she was afraid of pain, yet you still slapped her and forced her to miscarry? Now that she has lost too much blood, I don’t know if sir can save her. ”

“What? ” Zheng Zihao had just returned from paying the bill. When he heard what the female doctor said, he immediately became nervous. He quickly asked, “what happened to Fang Xiao? What couldn’t be saved? ”

The female doctor looked at Zheng Zihao and said, “I don’t know what happened. Fang Xiao’s bleeding can’t be stopped now. We were worried to death. Hurry up and sign it. We don’t know who is the real family member. ”

Qiu Yitang could no longer care about the sarcastic look of the gynecologist. He snatched the surgery list and quickly signed his name with his trembling hand. Then, he hurriedly handed it to the gynecologist.

“You’re Fang Xiao’s husband? ” The gynecologist took the surgery list and glanced at the family member because Qiu Yitang had actually made a check in the box behind his husband.

“I’m her FIANC?. ” Qiu Yitang explained a little irritably, “didn’t you not print the words ‘fianc��’ on the surgery list? If I didn’t check in the husband column, could it be that I still checked in the Father Column? ”

“I remember that you also checked the column for ‘husband’ on Miss Du Caiwei’s surgical list just now. ” The gynecologist’s lips were obviously pulled into a sneer. “could it be that you are also Miss Du Caiwei’s FIANC?? ”

Qiu Yitang’s face immediately turned green. How could he have known that Fang Xiao would fall pregnant and miscarry If he had known, he would definitely not have written that he was her husband on Du Caiwei’s surgical list.

Dongfang Yunheng left after the dinner party ended. He bade farewell to Gu Hongyuan with Gu Chenchen. The two of them walked out of Youran residence together and found that Wu Jianping was already waiting for them at the entrance of Youran residence.

“President, you’re finally out. ” Wu Jianping said in a slightly anxious voice, “I’ve been calling your cell phone for a long time, but you haven’t picked up. I was just about to go in to look for you. ”

“My cell phone is in my bag, and my bag, Fang Xiao, is holding it for me. ” Dongfang Yunheng rolled his eyes at Wu Jianping. Then, as he walked towards the car, he asked faintly, “where’s Fang Xiao? ”

Yun Heng had looked for her once in the banquet hall when the banquet was about to end. He did not find her, so he thought that she had sneaked out in advance.